Dragonfly #6 peril

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Dragonfly is one of the most complex superheroines ever created. Rik Levins, artist and writer, wants to develop her character as a "phantom" (my word for it, not his). She is a figment of her alter-ego, Nancy Arazello's, imagination and she only exists because Nancy secretly wants her to exist. Kind of like a split-personality in which two persons exist inside one person -- only in this case each has a distinct and separate physical body, unlike true split personality types which have two personalities in one body. Rik wants her to have two bodies, two brains, but inexorably linked together by a single spirit, kind of like a character in a dream only exists because the dreamer is dreaming it, but still unlike a true dream because the two personalities each have a real physical body in the real world. Slowly over the course of 8 issues this complicated concept is developed. In this story, Dragonfly discovers something about herself she did not know, that she has the power of telekinesis -- the power to lift and move objects by sheer force of mental concentration. A mass murderer is being paid to use a helicopter to blast a skyscraper being constructed, thus killing all the workmen on the structure at the time of its destruction. By sheer coincidence, Dragonfly is near the scene at the time of the blast, and she uses telekinesis to hold the skyscaper up until she can rescue all the workers, but the helicopter pilot sees her and shoots her in the back with his on-board copter-gun. Ordinarily bullets bounce off of her, but when she is using all her mental powers for telekinesis her invulnerability is removed and she is not bullet-proof. Seriously wounded, she falls from the sky, and the building she was mentally holding up collapses and kills all the workers. The nasty pilot lands the copter, and walks over to her cringing body and sprays her with bullets from an automatic weapon in his hand -- even as Dragonfly pitifully and with tears in her eyes begs for mercy saying "Please . . ." and "EEEEIII". This time, however, the bullets bounce off of her because she is not using telekinesis, and she suprises herself and the nasty, and quickly grabs him and begins to angrily strangle him. Cops arrive, she tosses the baddie aside, and flys away. Pics below show her shot, falling, cringing, pleading for mercy, and surviving. To me, she was always exquisitely illustrated, however Levins never once shows her arm carried, or even unconscious. Just his own peculiar idiosyncracies I guess. Even so, with this beauty, there is always lots to enjoy. Cheers!
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Jan 23, 2011
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Jan 25, 2011
These are really fantastic images. I remember this rather interesting and different series and character! Thanks for sharing!