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Post Date: Aug 17, 2012 12:04 AM
For those in the US, there's an election coming up! Who do you support? President Barack Obama, or Mitt Romney? Or maybe someone else?

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Post Date: Aug 21, 2012 09:37 PM
Well, I'm for Obama, but definetly not all the way. I think he could have done a better job, but I think the pros outway the cons. We're out of Iraq for the most part, we off'ed Mr. bin Laden, etc. I do think Romney could do some things better than Obama,though. I think he might do better with the economy, considering his business background.

Mainly, though, I just want the election season to be over. All the commercials are soooooo annoying, like how Obama's gonna set us back fifty years, or that Romney killed my wife. It gets annoying very quickly, and we still have 2 more months of it!

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