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Warped Tour Insanity ; Halothane Makes Its Way to Comics Again

Aug 04, 2007 09:55 AM

On Thursday I spent all day at a rock concert called The Vans Warped Tour. It's America's longest running music tour. At the Warped Tour about 50 bands play across several stages. I later read that there was about 12,000 people at the venue, so it was packed! At noon I watched the bands Boys Like Girls, Hawthorne Heights and The Starting Line play. Then all of a sudden it started to thunder and rain. There were even reports of hail falling. I also heard the entire venue was stuck in a water sprout! This delayed the concert and threw the entire schedule off, causing me to miss out on a bunch of cool bands. I still got to see New Found Glory, Underoath, Killswitch Engage and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I really wanted to see Bad Religion, but I missed out and saw only the last five seconds of their show. Maybe someone reading this post was also there too!

There's some new content in the database. I posted a follow up to a gas scene from Black Canary #2. It turns out the villain used Halothane!!!

I think comic writers avoid using the phrase "sleeping gas" because it's just so childish and strange. Instead they use complex terms like "halothane" to remain in touch with the modern world. I mean "sleeping gas" is sooooo 1970's.

Comic books have a lot of hot females, I'm sure you've noticed. That's why I inserted even more images in the Comic Hotties gallery. All the girls in comics are drawing PERFECTLY. Girls don't have any physical flaws whatsoever. Guys in comics come in all shapes and sizes, but women are PERFECT.

I have recieved some interesting alerts lately. This post is just a confirmation that alerts do in fact work. I have one minor annoyance however, and that is when someone sends me a porn link. I got a link that took me to a big image gallery that supposedly had a chloro scene but I couldn't find it amongst all the hardcore pornography that was polluting my screen. So don't send me links to image galleries. Save the picture and upload it to imageshack.us, it's much more efficient that way.

Here is a list of the top ten countries that visit this site.

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Comments ( 6 )

Blx said:
Lol my country isn't even in there. I must be the only one :P
Aug 04, 2007

Red said:
I'll find a map of the Netherlands for you.
Aug 04, 2007

Red said:
Here is the map:
Aug 04, 2007

Blx said:
Oh wow... Guess a lot are in my area (Amsterdam)... Very interesting to know. :)
Aug 05, 2007

fiat_knox said:
The Halothane issue is of interest to me. From the accounts, you can't stealthily gas someone with Halothane, because it's a very pungent compound. Also, Desfluorane's probably nowadays the most effective, quickest - acting, least pungent compound in its class; it has a completely different odour, and by all accounts it induces general anaesthesia very, very quickly.

Perhaps if your modern comics writers and editors did their research, they'd actually learn something about how easy, or how difficult, it is to knock someone out with, oh, a tab of Rohypnol or chloral hydrate in their drinks, or a spray of desfluorane in their face.
Aug 06, 2007

Red said:
fiat, you should be my science advisor.
Aug 06, 2007
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