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Best Original Art Ever.

Nov 30, 2007 10:57 AM

Look at what I found last night! When I saw it I just had to share it with you. Original art by Lost One Zero:

Is this not the most amazing Batgirl chloroform scene ever?! It is almost Godly.

Batgirl was never chloroformed in the comics. I think the scene above is how it could have been done. Seeing that original comic posted really made my day.

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Comments ( 7 )

somniculosus said:
Very cool :)

Lost One Zero's work does remind me of the doujinshi created by the Cyclone circle (you have a couple of their chloro scenes here).

The work's similar in the way the heroines are bound, and also in they way they seem to accept being chloroformed/gassed, or when they wake up bound :D

It's very hot - like it happens all the time (Which I wish it would!) :D
Nov 30, 2007

Blx said:
Wow, thats really amazin! Hope that LoZ will make more of those!
Dec 05, 2007

gytalf2000 said:
That is an excellent chloroform scene.Thanks for sharing!
Dec 06, 2007

DevilMan said:
Great scene. Only problem that I have with such a great chloroforming a scene of the unconscious Batgirl being carried away would have made it even better. Still though, love it.
Dec 13, 2007

spectra said:
Where can I see the full comic?
Dec 19, 2007

spectra said:
Where can I see the full comic?? I love it!
Dec 19, 2007

Red said:
That is the full comic.
Dec 28, 2007
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