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Wanted: Mary Marvel Scenes

Jul 13, 2008 06:18 PM

I got a new search system up and running. In 'advanced options' you can choose to search by either scene name, or person name. If you choose to search by person, you can type in a person's name in the search box and it will return all scenes with that person. Pretty handy.

I hope you are liking the thumbnail view mode. Remember, you can switch back to tabular mode if you want.

I realized that I only have 12 Mary Marvel scenes in the database, but I know she has some good bondage and head KO scenes. Can someone upload those scenes to this site for me?

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Comments ( 4 )

Blx said:
Don't have any Mary Marvel scenes but I do notics that the top image had changed to one of your drawings! :D
Jul 16, 2008

Red said:
Yep. I wanted to make my logo sleeker, while still retaining the "Black cat" identity associated with my site. I think I succeeded in doing that.
Jul 16, 2008

subtorp184 said:
I'll take a look at what you've got so's not to duplicate. Next few days or so.
Jul 18, 2008

Red said:
I actually found some Mary Marvel scenes, and they will be up by the end of today. There's a lot more that I don't have yet.
Jul 18, 2008
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