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Tons of unconscious covers

Jul 30, 2008 09:27 PM

It's been over a month since I launched Sleepy Comics 2.0, and since then I have uploaded over 1,380 scenes, more than doubling the size of the database. There are now over 2,760 scenes and 5,000 images indexed. And trust me, my ambitions are huge. I have tons and tons of scenes I still need to upload. It truly is ridiculous how much work this is. If I didn't have the current system, this site would be no where near this big. The only reason Sleepy Comics is so big is because it takes literally 30 seconds for me to add a scene.

Well anyway, I am continuing to find loads of unconscious covers, some new some old. I'm just uploading them as I find them. I was shocked at how good some of the covers were, like the cover to Brave and the Bold #91. It has a very sexy image of Black Canary unconscious. I have a big scan of the cover in the database.

Send your scene alerts to me; you can add a scene alert to the database if you're registered. I can find pretty much anything except for the most obscure comics.

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Comments ( 6 )

subtorp184 said:
I noted that you started on the German comic covers. There are hundreds of K.O./sleepy covers there.
Aug 01, 2008

Blx said:
If you see how fast this website has gone from a 1000 scenes to 2500, it's hard to imagine where it'll be a year from now. 5000? 7000? 10000 maybe?

The sky is the limit.
Aug 03, 2008

Red said:
10,000 will be achievable only if everyone helped!
Aug 03, 2008

Red, I love your site, the new look, the amount of work you are putting (and have put) into it and the care and detail shown. Only caveat I have on mass participation on building it is this: as a fellow c3c member, I realise you have formed close frinds with the bondage community and want to repay the favours at c3c by providing more bondage here.But mass posting is resulting in many supposed KO scenes that do not actually feature a KO: some are just gas masks: and each scene now has many pages to show all the bondage scenes, so that one can sometimes trawl through many pages to find the Ko scene.(yes of course, sometimes its the first page, but by no means always) Bssically, its getting like c3c, where mauch work is required to hit 'paydirt' in sleepy terms and instead of a concentrated KO site there is a risk that misposting by others without your vision will dilute the KO content down considerably. Is it a KO site or is it going to try to be all things to all men?
Aug 04, 2008

Also, is this a mainstream comics site, or is there an option for contributing your own work?
Aug 04, 2008

Red said:
to answer your second question, yes, you may submit original content.

To answer your other concern, it simply comes down to the fact that I personally like bondage scenes so I try to include them all. You have a point though, I have started posting lots of bondage scenes and it is kind of hard to weed through everything. But that's why I made categories, so you can skip all the irrelevant scenes. And most scenes still only have a hand full of images, I think the average is two per scene.

Sjdrake, you do bring up an interesting point and it's something I think I'll address further in another post.
Aug 04, 2008
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