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Donations still being accepted

Jan 18, 2009 03:04 AM

Hey there again. In like a week I am gonna need to purchase hosting. Problem is, I sort of don't have a job right now. So if at all possible, pleeeeeeeeeaaase make a donation. I promise to make it worth your while. I'm also willing to do art commissions right now. Anybody want to see Wonder Woman getting chloroformed? Or perhaps Black Canary being carried unconscious? Dude, $15 for a colored piece. Compared to other artists out there, that is cheap. I need like 5 commissions and I'll be set for the year in terms of hosting for this site. Thanks in advance! You guys are sooo awesome!

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Comments ( 2 )

Blx said:
I donated all that was left on my PayPal account. Yes I was the one with the $2! Sorry about the cheapness.
Jan 19, 2009

Red said:
No problem, you still donated more than 99.99% of the users!
Jan 19, 2009
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