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Vampirella is investigating the kidnapping of a little girl by a dangerous cult. She locates them in a graveyard, but it's a trap. The little girl injects Vampi with a sedative, and it knocks her out.
Jul 02, 2014 5 3
Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin are undercover as husband and wife aboard a private luxury yacht which is suspected to be carrying a kidnapped Hungarian-born scientist during the Cold War. Willie goes out during the night to take a look in the one cabin that he had not seen while snooping around but it is a trap. Afte...
May 13, 2014 3 2
Modesty Blaise and her right hand man, Willie Garvin, are investigating La Machine, an organization specializing in assassinations. In an effort to secure the services of La Machine, they pretend they are feuding and stage a fight at a night club. Earlier in the story she tells Willie, "it can't just look real, it has ...
May 13, 2014 2 1
Cover of Batgirl Annual 2. Batgirl is unconscious at the mercy of Poison Ivy. Source: Comic cover
Apr 10, 2014 10 1
Catwoman (Selina Kyle) and Poison Ivy (Pamela Lillian Isley) try to convince Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel) that trying to kill the Joker is not a good idea. Harley disagrees, and incapacitates the two of them. Source: Digital copy of comic
Apr 09, 2014 1 3
Catwoman (Selina Kyle), Poison Ivy (Pamela Lillian Isley) and Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel) set out to fight the Joker when they run into Gagsworth A. Gagsworthy, the Joker's original sidekick. Before confronting Harley Quinn he traps Catwoman, and then tries to incapacitate Poison Ivy with itching powder and 'Joker V...
Apr 08, 2014 4 6
Catwoman (Selina Kyle) proposes that she, Poison Ivy (Pamela Lillian Isley) and Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel) work together, but before the other two women agree there's one thing they want from Selina: Batman's secret identity. To force the reluctant Catwoman into divulging the information, Poison Ivy gasses her with...
Apr 08, 2014 1 2
Diamond is KO'd. Source: Comic
Apr 05, 2014 0 5
flashback KO
Mar 27, 2014 2 2
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Here is a fun KO scene for Bobbi Morse, who worked with SHIELD before she became Mockingbird. It is from the second series of Ka-Zar, which started in 1974. She fights with Man-Gad, but is knocked unconscious with a blow to her head by El Tigre. Then Man-God OTS-carries her. Bobbi recovers, but is rendered unconscious ...
Feb 19, 2014 4 8
Dart, from the 'Savage Dragon' universe , briefly had her own she gets captured by The Walrus and The Carpenter, nearly chocked to death by plastic packaging, and rescued via CPR... Source: blog
Feb 09, 2014 1 5
This time she chloroformed off-panel, but there is a nice wake up scene... By the way, I wonder if she is a relative of Dale Arden.... Source: old digital comics
Feb 05, 2014 1 1
From an early 70's revival of Mar Revelo's classic 'Darna'....according to the blogger, here the famed Phillipina superwoman comes up aainst two monsters who also have the power of the mystic stone. Extra star for rarity.. Source: blog
Jan 12, 2014 0 7
Nikki...the 'Model' of the title gets the tables turned on her by some thugs she is pursuing. This series was popular enough to spawn a made-for-tv movie. Source: blog
Jan 12, 2014 1 3
The girl is getting her dainty nose where she shouldn't and a crook decides to take her down... and out Source: old comics
Dec 29, 2013 2 1
The cover to the final issue of this crossover between the Rocketeer and the Spirit. I believe the beautiful raven haired girl is called Betty, not sure on the pretty blonde though. Classic Damsel scenario on the cover. Gorgeous.
Dec 21, 2013 1 1
Here, Jungla is minding her own business, swinging through the tress, when her vine gets cut. Still dazed from the fall, she gets netted, club ko'd and drugged with a serum to make her docile..eventually, she comes to to find herself the VIP guest of a Virgin Sacrifice. Source: blog
Dec 08, 2013 6 9
Everyone's favorite half-naked Martian Princes continues her knack of getting into, she's sucked through a portal into the future, where she meets her (equally hot) descendant. After almost drowning for a second time, Deja gets her memory of the experience erased from her memory...leaving her alies be...
Dec 03, 2013 8 8
Here Jungla (apparantly that was her real name!), a sexy Euro Jungle Girl from the 1970's, gets clonked while snooping and chucked in a cargo hold. The book is in French , but the style looks like the Italian Fumetti artists, making me think this a reprint. Source: blog
Nov 27, 2013 2 5
A red lantern female is chained along with her companions. Source: Comic gallery
Nov 26, 2013 1 1
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