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Lucky find! After being kidnapped, Meruna (heroine of story) is strapped to a table by an evil organization. The head villain tries to take her uniform off, but Meruna protests. The villain places a chloroform soaked cloth over Meruna's face to put her to sleep. He then proceeds to remove her helmet. From the auth...
Dec 27, 2009 12 5
No description.
Dec 25, 2008 12 3
Seriously, at this point there is no way any character can top Wonder Woman in terms of KO's. This is just awesome. Apparantly, this story is concluded in Wonder Woman v2 #63. If anyone can find that issue, there could be more unconscious shots!
Sep 28, 2009 12 2
The protagonist drugs a rich delinquent girl from the tennis club, in order to avenge his friend who got brutally beaten by her and her gang of girls with tennis rackets. Again the scene is fantastic. A funny thing to note, the chloroform was provided by the nurse from ch.2, who became his "ally". Source: g.e-hentai.o...
Dec 01, 2012 12 4
The main girl (she's the cute one who wears glasses) is given a drugged ice cream dish. The drug causes the girl to passout. A bunch of other girls proceed to inject her and do stuff to her. Doujin. Contributed by:
Jun 19, 2010 12 4
Here are two very beautiful pencil drawings of Wonder Woman chained to a wall, created by the Brazilian artist Leno Carvalho Source:
Dec 26, 2010 12 2
Lois Lane is kidnapped in a car. First, the villains try to chloroform her (but she fights back hard). Then, they release sleeping gas into the car. Lois passes out after a good struggle. She wakes up tied to a pole, surrounded by cultists. Contributed by: Western Civilization
Jun 19, 2010 12 3
Ms. Marvel is blasted unconscious with a powerful laser weapon.
Jun 07, 2008 12 3
Contributed by Grimbor
Jun 07, 2008 12 9
Doujinshi. Source:
Aug 07, 2011 12 4
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Love this scene. Fanny is KO'd with a sleeper hold. Then she wakes up bound and gagged.
Aug 26, 2008 12 4
Zatanna Zatara gets ballgagged by Deathstroke. Amazing commission by Captive 2D. Source: Deviant Art
Feb 10, 2013 12 1
Comic from Monsieur Paul that has virtually all kind of knockouts. It has a nice double chloro at the end too!
Jun 13, 2012 12 13
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Original comic by Sleeping Nymph
Nov 08, 2010 12 1
No description.
Jun 07, 2008 12 5
Source: c3c Source: A cute girl is chloroformed and carried unconscious. Very nice scene!
Sep 02, 2009 12 8
Wonder Woman and Supergirl get gassed to sleep in a trap set by Lex Luthor. The gas is a mixture of chloroform and kryptonite gas. Great original comic by Monsieur Paul.
Jun 11, 2012 12 10
From the episode "Quest of the Red Skull." Firestar is buried in a cave-in in the first two pics. After that, she flies off ahead to find the Red Skull and is ambushed with gas grenades. The Skull walks up and rolls her onto her back while monologuing, then has his henchmen put her in a "freezing support capsule" s...
Mar 14, 2010 12 22
During the events leading up to Zero Hour, Wonder Woman accompanies a Justice League taskforce to Oa, homeworld of the Green Lantern Corps. There, she is ambushed by a group of energy constructs generated by Parallax, and knocked unconscious. In the last scene, Parallax is sending the defeated task force back to Ear...
Oct 03, 2009 12 5
No description.
Dec 20, 2008 12 3
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