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The cover features an unconscious and naked Yuri upside down with some cable in her neck. Inside the comic, some evil scientist has created a copy of Yuri with a copy of her consciousness and is programming her to be his servant while she's unconscious and naked on the examining table.
Jan 20, 2010 11 7
This scene does not actually appear in the pages of the comic. The little girl holding up WW is a demon named "Devastation."
Feb 25, 2009 11 1
Miss M. is tied up and drugged with sleeping pills. Keywords: leash, fetish, licking, tape, chains, black skirt
Nov 07, 2009 11 6
Axa was a newspaper strip that ran in the UK from the late 70's to the mid 80's , I believe in the tabloid The Sun. Axa was a genetically perfect woman from a Dome City in a post-nuclear-disaster Earth. This is one of her rare appearences in color...and with clothes! Her B & W adventures have all been published in ...
May 09, 2011 11 4
Excellent chloroform scene here. A sexy looking school girl has a note in her hand, possibly to see her teacher after class. She goes to the lab where the teacher is. The teacher appears out of nowhere and confronts the surprised girl. Suddenly from behind, another student chloroforms the girl! There's a panel showing...
Jul 13, 2012 11 5
Roodhaar, the intrepid space mercenary Storm's sexy assistant, meets an old witch, who (I think) offers her psychic powers...the catch (and there always is one) is that she wants to steal the lovely redhead's body! Good stuff from the Netherlands...enjoy! Not sure about the plot, but, man, are there a lot of faints...
Oct 05, 2011 11 10
This is just one of those all time classic scenes. Attuma and his minions attack and defeat the Avengers. In one scene, an injured Wanda attempts to reason with Attuma, but he gasses her to sleep instead, using some built in mechanism in his suit. There are great panels with Wanda being carried unconscious. Attuma la...
Jun 07, 2008 11 5
A big drooling monster holds Ms Marvel's unconscious body overhead.
Jan 20, 2010 11 1
Information from M/1/2 Some Franco-Belgian police comic. Has a very nice chloro.
Jun 07, 2008 11 6
Male Female


Warning: Nudity More work by the extremely talented Raven. Source:
Sep 30, 2009 11 5
Keywords: drugged tea, mini skirt.
Apr 23, 2011 11 4
The main female cop goes undercover as a maid. She eats some drugged food and falls asleep. A bunch of guys come in and undress her,taking pictures. Very sexy scene!
Apr 23, 2011 11 7
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Earth 2 Supergirl (Powergirl) holds an unconscious New 52 Supergirl Characters: Powergirl, Supergirl Source: DC Previews
Feb 11, 2013 11 1
Arwyn is knocked out by a dragon. A very sexy wake up follows in issue 9. The dragon transforms into its real form: a beautiful female (unconscious as well!)
Sep 27, 2009 11 5
A Wonder Woman chloroform scene I drew as a tribute to the famous Fausta Chloroform scene with Lynda Carter! See it on deviantArt:
Aug 16, 2014 11 2
From my web browsing, came across this nice 'Creature Carry' . Any more info on the artist would be appreciated. Source: blog
Jan 13, 2012 11 1
Time for more originals! Here is Marvel superheroine Tigra. Two 'shadow demons' have captured her. One of them is holding her, while the other places a mask filled with sleeping gas over her nose and mouth. Tigra sleeps peacefully as she succumbs to the gas. If artwork like this tickles your fancy, ...
Jul 14, 2012 11 2
Barbara Gordon as Batgirl teams up with Black Canary to stop some guy from releasing all the villains in Arkham Asylum. Because they're too late she tells Canary too run to get help and will face the villains alone. She is defeated and wakes up, tied to a chair. All of this however is a mind trap from Spellbinder w...
Sep 25, 2009 10 10
Artist: Nerv-Goury. Wonder Woman gassed and chloroformed.
Jun 14, 2008 10 1
Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin) is defeated when a villain with elastic powers suffocates her. There is a very good unconscious shot of Spider-Woman unconscious, at the end of issue #3. In issue #4, Spider-Woman is thrown off a building while still unconscious. She recovers just in time though.
Oct 11, 2009 10 7
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