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An original artwork I did, plus an original story from Mad-Man-with-a-pen. The image depicts Wonder Girl (Drusilla) chloroformed by the Baroness von Gunther. Click the deviantArt link below for the original story.
5 days ago 1 3
Some nice unconscious scenes in these two issues.
5 days ago 1 8
A fantasy themed comic with very nice artwork.
5 days ago 1 4
Glory faints while being interviewed by a TV Reporter. She's rushed in an ambulance, and dozes in an out of consciousness.
5 days ago 1 10
Name of the story is 'Lets Try Dueling'. The main character's sister, Addy, is kidnapped by a rival. She is shown unconscious, and then slowly waking up. The gang tries to gag her, but she puts up a fight. Contributed by IeonScans
5 days ago 2 7
Captain Marvel and Iron Man lie unconscious on the ground, put to sleep via some magic spell. Contributed by ProjectX
5 days ago 0 3
Kaitou Kid drugs his girlfriend Aoko on a train. The story is called "Crystal Mother".
5 days ago 0 4
A sexy KO. Morgana is knocked out in a fight, and there are some panels with her being carried unconscious.
5 days ago 0 8
A body pile of heroes some of which are heroines.
Sep 12, 2017 0 2
Batwoman is stunned from behind by an assassin from the League of Shadows. She gets injured badly shortly after. Contributed by ProjectX
Sep 12, 2017 0 3
Psylocke gets punched out. Source: ProjectX
Sep 12, 2017 1 2
General Zod punches out Supergirl in a fight. Contributed by ProjectX
Sep 12, 2017 0 4
J. Scott Campbell drew a nice variant cover for All-new Captain America #1. It features Captain America rescuing Peggy Carter and Bucky from Red Skull. I haven't been able to find a high quality scan of this. If anyone can please post it!
Sep 12, 2017 0 3
Marlysa has a nice bondage cover and sequence.
Sep 12, 2017 0 3
There are some nicely drawn kidnap and bondage sequences in this comic. European.
Sep 12, 2017 0 5
Andrea Beaumont (Phantasm) and Bruce Wayne share a romantic moment in his mansion. Alfred goes into the kitchen to prepare some sandwiches, and is knocked out by a female Japanese assassin. The assassin then disguises herself as Alfred using some magical ability. A bunch of armed men storm the mansion and try ...
Sep 12, 2017 0 7
Zenescope cover variant, from artists Antonio Bifulco and Jorge Cortes. Source:
Sep 10, 2017 1 1
Magicalize is an ecchi manga about a magical girl who is very powerful, but often has her costume ripped away during battles. This is basically her weakness. In the story below, a beautiful female police officer is investigating a perverted cult. This cult of men has kidnapped and drugged a girl. The female...
Sep 10, 2017 2 10
Full manga title: Uchi no Musume ni Te o Dasu na! - Oyako Heroine Funtousu. It's a fun, sexy manga about a mother/daughter superheroine pair. The daughter is called "Eighth Wonder". The costumes they were are inspired by Wonder Woman and Supergirl. This is Japan though, and they love to throw in their own twists! ...
Sep 10, 2017 2 7
Batman and Robin chase the villainess 'Zelda The Great' to a rooftop. When the dynamic duo arrives on top, Zelda is no where to be seen. Suddenly, she appears from behind and chloroforms Batman and Robin. The dialogue is actually quite humorous. Batman manages to say "", before ...
Sep 10, 2017 0 5
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