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A kind of disappointing end to the Wonder Woman crossover with the Secret Six. Wonder woman is in the "disorientation chamber" at the new Devil's Island prison, and is threatened by Grendel, an actual devil who the prison warden hopes to keep in thrall. Later on, Wonder Woman shows up out of the blue and snaps Grendel'...
Oct 14, 2009 19 5
Nice cover scene Internal splash page also has a nice unconscious scene. Also included a brief bondage panel.
Sep 14, 2009 19 3
Dejah Thoris chases a bad guy, and unmasks him to find out he's "Moon Pirate". The pirate distracts Dejah by biting her hand, and a big net is thrown over her. The pirate then gets on top of her and sprays sleeping gas in her face. Dejah is then shown passing out from the gas. She wakes up chained to a pole, held c...
Oct 15, 2011 19 5
Classic comic from Monsieur Paul. Black Canary is captured while on a mission.
Jun 13, 2012 19 9
Soyfan takes on the DCU. These heroines get crushed by Gorilla Grodd. Source: Original art
Aug 29, 2011 19 1
Huntress is knocked out by a bunch of kids. She wakes up hanging upside down, bound and gagged.
Jun 07, 2008 18 2
This is an adult comic, so there is a lot of nudity. Those parts are not posted. The girl is chloroformed in a fairly long scene. Later, she is bound and chloroformed once more.
Jul 06, 2009 18 4
Batgirl runs into an alley way in search of Robin. She comes across some weird brick and mortar, and before she can figure out what's going on, Batgirl is knocked out from behind. When Batgirl wakes up, she's bound and gagged. Not only that, but someone is using the bricks and mortar to entomb her in a cellar!
Feb 01, 2009 18 5
This was donated by the artist Monsieur Paul as a gift!
Sep 26, 2009 18 1
Drawn by Sofyan Syarief.
Jun 08, 2008 18 7
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Grunge finds Sara (Freefall) bound and tape gagged in a bedroom. He debates whether to live out a bondage fantasy! Keywords: tape gag, humor
Aug 02, 2008 18 1
* Wonder Woman is debelted & chloroformed and then cuffed, blindfolded & ballgagged by Deathstroke. Another awesome commission made by Captive 2D. *Wonder Woman's Powerbelt is removed, tied up with her own Golden Lasso, handcuffed and tapegagged by Red Panzer. Amazing commission by Captive 2D. Source: Deviant Art...
Oct 13, 2012 18 3
Caitlin Fairchild is kidnapped by some alien cult from a movie theater. They blow sleeping gas into her face. There's a great shot of her passed out on the ground! She wakes up in her green leotard, with her hands bound. Very sexy scene! Contributed by Lost One Zero
Jun 07, 2008 18 5
Contributed by anonyman256 Witchblade (in her normal form as Sarah) is drugged at a party. Pretty sexy scene.
Jun 07, 2008 18 3
Great unconscious scene featuring the sexy Merriem the cavewoman. Merriem falls out of the sky of a pterodactyl and falls into the water. She hits her head then. After she washes ashore she tries to get up but faints. What follows is an amazing unconscious scene featuring Merriem in great unconscious detail and several...
Oct 19, 2009 18 12
Harris Comics.
Jun 07, 2008 18 2
A girl in a kimono gets chloroformed. Good unconscious shots follow! Very sexy scene all around. Contributed by: LoZ
Dec 12, 2009 18 4
Two page commission I ordered from I love those panels, great job. Let me know what you think. Source: commission
Jun 19, 2011 18 2
A 70's reprint of John Willie's famous (or infamous) series of the bondage prone innocent, Gwendoline. This stuff was considered so immoral when it was published that it was a 'mail order only' publication...shipped discreetly to your home in a plain brown wrapper, as the old saying, of course, it seems qui...
Jun 07, 2008 17 6
I got the comic. The first story has an incredible chloroform scene, with sleepy shots and everything. This comic in total has: 2x chloros 1x gas 1x hypnosis (plus carry) and a lot of bondage. Buy the comic! It was only $5.95.
May 08, 2009 17 5
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