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Great scene from a 1980's anime, posted by A club dancer named Atsuko Fukune is kidnapped by some strange group. She is drugged a long with some other girls and brought aboard an airship. They go to a pyramid-like temple. The bad guys dress Atsuko up in a bikini outfit and stuff her in a ...
Sep 10, 2017 1 10
This movie has two scenes: 1. First is a flashback to a fight scene between Starfire and the Tamaran aliens. Starfire wasn't a member of the Teen Titans then, so the rest of the Titans debate whether to help or not. During that time, Starfire is defeated and knocked out. 2. In the second scene, we find out that...
Sep 10, 2017 0 7
Poison Ivy is punched out by the Swamp Thing, in this newly released movie from Warner Brothers. The art style is a throwback to Bruce Timm.
Sep 10, 2017 1 3
This cartoon video clip contains two scenes: 1. Lex Luthor is in a prison, guarded by a female officer. The Joker shows up and gasses the officer to sleep. 2. Lex Luthor is in the middle of a fight with Wonder Woman, and is nearly beaten. The Joker shows up and zaps Wonder Woman unconscious.
Sep 10, 2017 1 4
A sexy demon wolf princess is rendered unconscious by a sleeping incense drug.
Sep 10, 2017 0 4
A cute scene for mind control fans. Two mermaids, Alana and Pearl, are caught and hypnotized by a cyclops sea creature. There is also a cute blindfold scene in the beginning
Sep 10, 2017 0 5
From the anime Kiddy Grade. Lumière is knocked out by a drugged kiss.
Sep 10, 2017 1 3
Daphne and the rest of the Scooby Gang are trapped in a dungeon. The bad guy pumps sleeping gas into the room. Daphne is tied to a board, and the bad guy uses her for knife throwing practice!
Sep 09, 2017 0 3
Daphne is gassed to sleep by a bad guy disguised as a military officer. The bad guy is a spy who can change disguises, and dresses himself up as Daphne
Sep 09, 2017 0 3
Daphne, Fred and Scooby are rendered unconscious with knockout gas. The villain is a ghost dressed up like a royal king. When the gang wakes up, they are tied up over a tank of sharks.
Sep 09, 2017 0 5
Daphne gets captured by a cult of vampires. They decide to make her the 'Vampire Queen', and stage a wedding. Her hands are bound to trees. The main Vampire shows up and release a hypnotic sleeping gas, rendering Daphne unconscious. ====== Scene can be viewed here:
Sep 09, 2017 1 10
A special Empowered comic from Adam Warren. Features a nice scene where Ninjette and others are knocked out in an explosion.
Sep 05, 2017 1 7
A beautiful celebrity, one of the "Famous Kaou Sisters", is gassed to sleep in the back of a car.
Sep 05, 2017 0 3
Ariela is drugged to sleep by some scented candles.
Sep 05, 2017 1 3
A sexy Soldier of Justice rescues finds a young girl in trouble and manages to rescue her. It's a trap though, and our heroine is struck with a tranquilizer dart!
Sep 05, 2017 1 5
Full manga title is [Ichinose] Kasshoku Senshi wa Shiri de Naku (Heroine Pinch Vol. 7). Two thugs take notice of a strong beautiful female fighter. She had just finished slaying a monster in a coliseum. Instead of attacking her head on, the two thugs manage to trick her into sniffing a sleeping drug.
Sep 05, 2017 1 3
Full manga title: [ZENMAIN (Nejiro)] Natsuzora ni Tokeru Gunjou (Granblue Fantasy) A girl in a cute bikini is chloroformed, but it seems to only weaken her.
Sep 04, 2017 2 2
A young school girl is kidnapped with chloroform. She is thrown into the trunk of a car, bound and gagged. Lupin discovers her after using the car as a getaway. Contributed by Ieon
Sep 04, 2017 3 8
Lupin chloroforms a woman and she is replaced with a look a like. Contributed by Ieon
Sep 04, 2017 1 2
Keywords: circus, fujiko, lupin, tiger. Contributed by Ieon.
Sep 04, 2017 0 13
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