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In a fight with The Penguin, Black Canary is knocked out and captured. Penguin threatens to use poison gas on the unconscious Canary. In another scene, an underwear clad Dinah is shown bound and gagged.
Jun 07, 2008 15 3
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Empowered gets chloroformed by the ARR group. Advanced restraint research. By Adam Warren.
Jun 07, 2008 15 3
Elasti Girl from Disney's The Incredibles, is chloroformed by her doppelgänger. She wakes up bound and gagged Contributed by ChadtheH.
Aug 03, 2008 15 2
Poison Ivy stands and admires one of her plants, while a shadow appears behind her. The shadow is Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy gets chloroformed! Ivy is then bound and gagged to a chair. When she wakes up, Harley shows her a bottle of 'chlorine'. Drawn by Sofyan Syarief.
Jun 08, 2008 15 7
Jeannette launches a psychic attack on Wonder Woman, incapacitating her. Woman Woman is carried unconscious for a while. Jeannette herself faints and is carried OTS style.
Aug 22, 2009 15 8
What a find! A very good chloro scene here! Kurumi is in the woods doing some sleuthing, when a man dressed in a big bear suit sneaks behind her and chloroforms her!! The scene is really good. She struggles nicely before passing out. In the next chapter Kurumi is shown tape gagged, but it's quickly removed. What an a...
Nov 14, 2009 15 3
Includes a brief drugged drink scene as well.
Jul 06, 2009 15 2
Black Canary is captured and gagged briefly. Contributed by Suicide (
Jul 22, 2009 15 5
What a classic Wonder Woman scene! She's knocked out from behind and bound and gagged so tightly!
Jun 07, 2008 15 5
Pretty good scene. A girl tazered while she is bound and gagged.
Jul 19, 2009 15 1
No description.
Jul 02, 2008 15 4
Venus is over-the-mouth gagged in this much talked about scene. She even appears to have been drugged beforehand (with talks of a sleeping lotus flower or whatever).
Oct 11, 2009 15 3
Contributed by LoZ. Keywords: tape gag, large breasts, film camera, short hair, school girl.
Jul 09, 2008 15 3
A simply terrific issue of Femforce, in which Lady Lugar gets the best of both Ms Victory and Blue Bulleteer. The first heroine is surprised by thugs and "easily shackled" to a Nazi spy balloon. Before she takes off, the comic cuts to a Blue Bulleteer story in which the titular heroine is tied to a post. When we com...
Jul 23, 2010 15 10
Easily one of the sexiest sleepy scenes I've seen all year! Dejah Thoris, a beautiful Martian princess, has her mind taken over by The Boora Witch. It results in her being placed in a hypnotic trance, with really great panels of her unconscious. There's even a nice little wakeup scene shortly after. Five stars man.
May 24, 2012 15 7
Original contribution of Sleeping Nymph. If you want to see more of my work, please let me know with your comments. Thank you.
Sep 04, 2009 15 5
Some original Sailor Moon art I did for this month. I'll probably add on to this series later. This has been posted to my deviantArt page as well. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!
Dec 18, 2012 15 9
This is a pretty famous cover. Two really sexy superheroines bound and gagged! There is also a nice unconscious carry of Supergirl near the end.
Sep 19, 2009 14 3
Some original art by an artist named Axel Pablo. You can see some of his art at: I only included his sleepy art. He has a lot of bondage art too.
Oct 06, 2009 14 7
Black Cat and Spider-Man are encased in gold metal, with their mouths covered. Black Cat begins to faint but Spider-Man manages to break her free in time. He is about to give the unconscious Black Cat CPR but she wakes up.
Sep 30, 2009 14 4
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