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Some original art by an artist named Axel Pablo. You can see some of his art at: I only included his sleepy art. He has a lot of bondage art too.
Oct 06, 2009 14 7
Black Cat and Spider-Man are encased in gold metal, with their mouths covered. Black Cat begins to faint but Spider-Man manages to break her free in time. He is about to give the unconscious Black Cat CPR but she wakes up.
Sep 30, 2009 14 4
Wonder Woman in her Golden Age glory. In this scene, Wonder Woman is doing some investigating. She finds a hidden door and goes through it. In the next panel, she is being chloroformed by some thug. In her thought bubble she thinks "Oohhh -- Chloroform ...", and then passes out. She is carried over the shoulder. ...
Jun 07, 2008 14 1
This story revolves around Supergirl having her powers taken away from her via some sort of power-sapping pill she was tricked into eating. The villainess, Starfire, leads a gang of girls who are trying to cause havoc around their city. Supergirl attempts to stop the gang, but gets knocked out in her weakened state....
Feb 01, 2009 14 9
Really fun sequence showing Harley Quinn chloroformed by one of Joker's goons. She's wearing cute red short pants and a white blouse. Drawn by Sofyan Syarief.
Jun 08, 2008 14 9
Original artwork by Monsieur Paul that was on The Gasman's Sleeping Gas site (old Geocities site). Reason I am putting this here is because Geocities is being taken down! In this picture, Wonder Woman is being put to sleep using an anesthesia gas mask. Really good pic!
Oct 26, 2009 14 1
A very famous cover showing Spider-Woman bound and gagged to a chair. The cover reads "The Spider-Woman is Helpless...before the mindless rampage of the Werewolf by Night". The scene begins in issue #5.
Jun 19, 2008 14 2
A girl named Terry wakes from a drug induced slumber (if I remember correctly, it was a drugged drink; I don't think it's shown though). Next, an ugly troll chloroforms her in order to take her to a dungeon, where she is strapped to an operating table. There's some interesting artwork at the end of the comic too. Sci...
Jun 07, 2008 14 5
A follow up to the previous issue. Kei wakes up in mummy-like bondage while Yuri is still asleep and lost in her memories. Kei starts using her hair to fight so the villains seal her head as well, cutting off her oxygen. Kei then uses some mind swap to enter the body of Yuri and to try to get to her own body and fr...
Jan 20, 2010 14 15
Amora the Enchantress captured after the demise of Asgard - Art by Mike Deodato Jr Contributed by Gabknight.
Jul 14, 2008 14 2
No description.
Jun 07, 2008 14 3
English teacher is chloroformed Source:, Also known as: [Miruku purin 1-gata] kyonyu jokytoshi kankin reipu, chijoku no hoshu jugyo Keywords: teacher, color, doujinshi, hentai, pink skirt
Dec 27, 2011 14 3
No description.
Jun 07, 2008 14 2
No description.
Jul 27, 2008 14 3
So remember Rina Aoi, the older blonde member of the trio? In this volume, she gets herself into a very precarious situation. Rina decides to do either a model shoot, or a bondage shoot. Things...don't quite go as planned, and she ends up with more rope and tape than she can handle! Fans of bondage will love this scen...
May 09, 2012 14 10
No description.
Aug 10, 2008 14 4
No description.
Jun 07, 2008 14 2
No description.
Jul 05, 2008 14 3
Comic from Monsieur Paul that has virtually all kind of knockouts. It has a nice double chloro at the end too!
Jun 13, 2012 14 13
Lovely teacher Miss Melons is chloroformed by Mr. Steel, her boss. Original comic by Sleeping Nymph Source: Original
Sep 24, 2013 14 8
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