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Amora the Enchantress captured after the demise of Asgard - Art by Mike Deodato Jr Contributed by Gabknight.
Jul 14, 2008 13 2
This is a sequel to Red's work on Secret Six #12. Another fantastic unconscious scene. Wonder Woman has been knocked out by Jeannette's banshee attack, and has been carried to a cavern deep underground where the demon Grendel is imprisoned. Ragdoll tries on her boots and tiara as she lies unconscious on the ground. ...
Sep 12, 2009 13 11
English teacher is chloroformed Source:, Also known as: [Miruku purin 1-gata] kyonyu jokytoshi kankin reipu, chijoku no hoshu jugyo Keywords: teacher, color, doujinshi, hentai, pink skirt
Dec 27, 2011 13 3
Such a great scene.
Jun 07, 2008 13 2
No description.
Jun 07, 2008 13 2
Some nice Wondie perils found on I know nothing about the artist, but let's hope he keeps cranking them out! Source: website Note: These are image manipulations.
May 17, 2014 13 6
This manga is about a trio of detectives, who are also idol singers. They basically solve cases while wearing sexy skimpy outfits. In this issue, Akira Shirase (the main character of the trio) is kidnapped from her dressing room. After being knocked out with chloroform, she is placed into a container and whisked away ...
Dec 26, 2009 13 8
A simply terrific issue of Femforce, in which Lady Lugar gets the best of both Ms Victory and Blue Bulleteer. The first heroine is surprised by thugs and "easily shackled" to a Nazi spy balloon. Before she takes off, the comic cuts to a Blue Bulleteer story in which the titular heroine is tied to a post. When we com...
Jul 23, 2010 13 10
Final issue. Some various bondage scenes. This issue was a litle light.
Oct 14, 2009 13 5
Monsieur Paul drew this pic recently and allowed me to add it to my site! It's a fake comic cover showing Green Arrow chloroforming Black Canary, probably in an attempt to protect her or something (you know, a "friendly KO"). It's really well done. Please thank MPaul!
Nov 13, 2009 13 1
So remember Rina Aoi, the older blonde member of the trio? In this volume, she gets herself into a very precarious situation. Rina decides to do either a model shoot, or a bondage shoot. Things...don't quite go as planned, and she ends up with more rope and tape than she can handle! Fans of bondage will love this scen...
May 09, 2012 13 10
The Monster from the Lost Lagoon chloroforms Sue Storm, in what is one of the most classic scenes of all time. There is even a great cover scene! Invisible Woman is waiting in a hospital for Reed, when she is suddenly attacked by the Lagoon monster. The monster uses chloroform on Sue Storm, and she is unable to turn ...
Jun 07, 2008 13 3
Again, just an assortment of bondage scenes from just this volume. There's a scene where Hikari (the girl on the cover) is strapped to a chair. She is strapped to an operating table. She is strapped to a contraption with James Bond style peril. In another scene she is bound and gagged on a railroad track. She dangles ...
Oct 14, 2009 13 12
No description.
Jun 07, 2008 13 2
French comic. Another lucky find! The girl is really cute too. Edit: This has got to be one of the finest European scenes out there. The setup is great, the art is good and the girl is a hot nurse. There's even a 'uniform stealing' at the end. All around good scene.
Jul 06, 2009 13 3
Keywords: abduction, anime, time to sleep, kidnapping
Aug 27, 2011 13 5
Vampirella gets into a big brawl with some weird people at a prison. She's kicked around by cheerleader first, but Vampi manages to beat her. Next she fights this big farmer dude, who throws her around. She still is still standing, but the big farmer dude throws a wooden chair at Vampirella's head. This finally knocks ...
Jul 04, 2012 13 7
A nice chloroforming from an anime that was just released a few months ago. Download link is below under "remote links". Source: (lib)
Sep 08, 2009 13 2
I had mhunt do a sequence of the fight between Sue and the Black Panther from S02E09. Prey of the Black Panther from the animated series. After that I adjusted some details in the aftermath. Lmk if you like it. I do :) Source: comission
Sep 08, 2011 13 2
No description.
Jun 07, 2008 13 2
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