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Some original art by an artist named Axel Pablo. You can see some of his art at: I only included his sleepy art. He has a lot of bondage art too.
Oct 06, 2009 13 7
Female villain 'Inventa' storms Paradise Island with her crew. They launch sleeping gas bombs at the amazons, and succeed in capturing Wonder Woman and her mother. The cover depicts Wonder Woman and the Queen bound and gagged. It is such a classic cover! This story is based on a plotline from Wonder Woman #33. Cont...
Jul 16, 2008 13 3
Atlantis Studios has released a few more "teaser" images from its' upcoming book "Paula Peril: Trail of the Deadly Diamonds" . Red, you can either add them to the scan that I already posted, or keep them seperate..either way, this might be a "good read'! Source: blog
Apr 20, 2010 13 3
A classic scene! Shanna the She Devil is subdued by some poachers and chloroformed. She wakes up bound and gagged.
Jun 07, 2008 13 2
Lady Blackhawk has been drugged and mind controlled to attack Huntress. Huntress is knocked out in the fight, and captured. There are some nice panels showing Huntress bound and cleave-gagged.
Jun 07, 2008 13 4
Wonder Woman is hit in the head by some robot who works for Darkseid. Nice unconscious shot there. They take here away and then they put her through somekind of torture from which she escapes.
Sep 19, 2009 13 8


Witchblade gets possessed by some creepy crawly things. She wakes up bound to some contraption.
Oct 18, 2009 13 3
Nice 3d art I found. Source:
Apr 03, 2011 13 3
This gas scene is a great throwback to the KO scenes from the 60's. Sue Storm is silently invisible in the background, but the gas KO's her. The gas also KO's She-Hulk. In the last panel, Sue Storm mentions that she's been gassed so many times!
Dec 25, 2008 13 4
Contributed by
Jul 18, 2008 13 1
Supergirl is fighting a bunch of insects with her ally who gets in trouble. When she tries to help him she is subdued by the insects but how is not shown. She wakes up later, restricted, by the Insect Queen.
Feb 19, 2010 13 3
From the preview found on the Atlantis Comics website.
May 08, 2009 13 6
After an unsuccessful assault on a military base in Rhapastan, Yelena Belova (Black Widow II) was captured by Colonel Khan. She was disarmed, bound & gagged and guarded by two soldiers inside a tent.
Oct 05, 2008 13 8
Various bondage scenes from volume 2. Keywords: leather, sexy, fetish, bondage.
Nov 07, 2009 13 5
Reprinted in Vampirella Halloween Trick or Treat.
Jun 07, 2008 13 2
Contributed by suicide (
Aug 03, 2008 13 8
Some nice Wondie perils found on I know nothing about the artist, but let's hope he keeps cranking them out! Source: website Note: These are image manipulations.
May 17, 2014 13 6
English teacher is chloroformed Source:, Also known as: [Miruku purin 1-gata] kyonyu jokytoshi kankin reipu, chijoku no hoshu jugyo Keywords: teacher, color, doujinshi, hentai, pink skirt
Dec 27, 2011 13 3
Such a great scene.
Jun 07, 2008 13 2
This manga is about a trio of detectives, who are also idol singers. They basically solve cases while wearing sexy skimpy outfits. In this issue, Akira Shirase (the main character of the trio) is kidnapped from her dressing room. After being knocked out with chloroform, she is placed into a container and whisked away ...
Dec 26, 2009 13 8
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