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Dagar Desert Hawk #15 with Tangi story!!

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Dagar the Desert Hawk #15 was published in April, 1948. Scenes from two separate stories will be featured on this page. The first scenes are from the first story, which is about Dagar and his desert girl friend Ayesha (who is very beautiful). An evil hypnotist casts a spell over Ayesha and kidnaps her. In the process he keeps her under hypnosis, and has to wrestle with her several times. When she is hypnotized she is unconscious, and he carries her in his arms. Later, when she wakes up, he manhandles her, and later still he grabs her, and a finally he throws her over his shoulder and carries her (OTS). Dagar finally penetrates his stronghold and rescues Ayesha.
In the second story Tangi is featured. Obviously this version of Tangi is done by a very different graphic artist than the other version appearing elsewhere on this website. Tangi is very beautifully depicted. She is a jungle girl. In the opening scene (page one) she is shown tied to a pole. She looks afraid, and very beautiful. In the second page she is shown lassoed by some giant men who come from the center of the earth. They hate her because she leads her people -- they want to rule. Tangi is tied to a pole on page three. On page four a terrific explosion from the center of the earth (volcano?) kills the bad men, and Tangi escapes and is safe.
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Nov 02, 2009
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1 Dagar Desert Hawk #15  with Tangi story!!: 1
2 Dagar Desert Hawk #15  with Tangi story!!: 2
3 Dagar Desert Hawk #15  with Tangi story!!: 3
4 Dagar Desert Hawk #15  with Tangi story!!: 4
5 Dagar Desert Hawk #15  with Tangi story!!: 5
6 Dagar Desert Hawk #15  with Tangi story!!: 6
7 Dagar Desert Hawk #15  with Tangi story!!: 7
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Nov 02, 2009 11:47 PM: Scene added
Nov 06, 2009 07:45 AM: Added another scan (arm carry scene)

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oldslim1 said:
Nice scenes. Easy on the eyes. Pretty legs. Good carry scene. Thanks
Sep 19, 2010
Lot's of good pic.s here. Panel 5 & 6 stand out. Like the shocked look on her face in panel 6. Jungle girls just have a distinct charm.
Jan 20, 2011
docsavage said:
I would have added the page 5 entire.
I have just downloaded the comic,
and the entire hypnotic scene is very hot, with her awakening from the
first, implied KO, then with the evil hypnotist casually telling the horrified girl his plans, and how she would help him, and then the evil one easily hypnotizing her, and then mummy-wrapping the "slumbering one" so that she can be awakened as the Pharaoh's wife...
Apr 09, 2011
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