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Huntress Chained up -Artwork

Uploader Comments:
Again, unsure where I downloaded this from, but the Huntress is chained up in a dungeon.
Source: Unknown
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Dec 05, 2010
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Dec 05, 2010 03:57 PM: Scene added

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Oh my!
Dec 05, 2010
it2007 said:
The best Huntress bondage fan art I've seen. Love the Silver Age costume. Great job to the artist.
Dec 07, 2010
Here's the thing it2007. The picture connotes she went through a rough time before or during her bondage. Outfit torn, shredded in places...but the look in her face conveys a sense of 'fight'...or desperation. So she still has something left to 'give' by way of defense.
Dec 07, 2010
gilslug said:
I may be wrong, but is this art a "tribute" to a Huntress story in Wonder Woman where Helena is stunned unconsious in her civilian attire and cahined up by a guy in a suit of armour?
I seen to remember the story...he even undresse her and dresses her up as The Huntress...
Dec 07, 2010
"...he even undresses her and dresses her up as The Huntress..." Now that would just be plain, blitheringly hot! Talk about a villain with a fetish!
Dec 08, 2010
gilslug said:
Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #289
Thanks, Red for the handy scene index!
And I was wrong...he just leaves her Huntress costume out for her to find when she comes to..oh well..check it out!
Dec 08, 2010
You know, I'm sure I saw this elsewhere on the web. There were some other pictures too such as one with Huntress tied to a conveyor belt and another where two muscular thugs were grasping her arms, one of them ripping off her utility belt.

Dec 11, 2010
Xenaphon said:
I almost certainly found this on a yahoo group several years ago, but am not sure which one.
Dec 11, 2010
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