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Doesn't Mary Batson look great all tied up in page 3. And her C-cup bustline makes it even better. Why did Fawcett always seem to believe they had to portray her super-powered alter ego (Mary Marvel) as flat-chested, when Mary B. looked so great. Also, as bondage scenes go, this one is five stars, but would be 100 times more satisfying if it were Mary Marvel tied up instead of Mary Batson.
Oct 26, 2009
chlorodon said:
I remember buying this comic on a getaway Sunday at a ComicCon. Image 1 from the cover showing an arm carry of Mary Marvel. The actual KO of Mary Batson is really good so it was still a great bargain buy but I honestly can't remember any KO this good when she's Mary Marvel.
Jul 29, 2010
Hey Don, here I am a year later reading your comment and belatedly responding to it . . . that seems to be one of the idiosyncracies of this great website. Anyway, I love the gag in Mary Marvel's mouth and the arm carry on the cover, even if it never appears, nor could it ever appear, in the inside story. Supergirl could conceivably be gagged and arm carried with the help of a little Kyptonite, but Mary Marvel had no such vulnerability . . .at least not in those days. That is what makes this cover so exciting . . . it is one of a kind. And you're right no one can rememer any KO this good of her as Mary Marvel . . . it simply could not happen. But for some mysterious reason, Fawcett made it happen, just once, just for fun. Great Fun!!
Aug 07, 2011
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