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Darn. Why couldn't they have done this in the movie?
Oct 07, 2009
No body faints like 'Red'. And all suited up fetchingly.
May 21, 2011
gilslug said:
Art by Frank Thorne, one of the greats!
May 22, 2011
oldslim1 said:
Sensational! First time I saw this issue I was on jury duty. During one of the breaks (I never did get selected to a jury) I walked a couple blocks to a newstand, found this and thumbed thru it and saw this fabulous scene. Good thing I never got on a jury when all I could think about was visions of a beautiful scantilly clad knocked out Red Sonja.
Oct 29, 2011
Any full body scene of Red Sonya asleep is worth 4 stars.
Jul 09, 2012
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