Sleepy Comics moving towards faster content delivery

Sep 01, 2009 09:33 PM
Like The Flash, Sleepy Comics will now update more frequently.  I mean daily updates.
Like The Flash, Sleepy Comics will now update more frequently. I mean daily updates.
In the four years since was created, you guys have known me to be an innovator. I am one of the few developers in the bondage community who has embraced technologies such as CSS2, AJAX, PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL (with relational databases no less). Remember when I first launched my site? It is nothing compared to what I have now. is getting to the stage where I am moving gigabytes of data everyday. And managing all this data is tough. I have hundreds of scenes to upload, hundreds of comics to keep track of. In the past, I have tried to develop ways to make adding new scenes faster and easier for myself. Well the innovator in me has prevailed again, and I have once again developed a faster method of delivering new scenes to this site.

With my new method, I will soon be able to add scenes to this website in near real time, as I find them. What that means is potentially, I will be able to update daily. This is not some false promise, I will literally be able to push dozens of scenes per day automatically. Of course, this only works if I find scenes. If I don't find any scenes, then nothing will be added to the site.

What I can promise now, is whenever I find a scene, it will appear on this site almost immediately.

You can already begin to see this in effect. I just updated the site with a couple dozen new scenes (mostly Disney crap, but who cares, they bought Marvel).

Anyway, that's the exciting news I wanted to share with you. Innovation is what keeps this site alive

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