Will we ever be satisifed?

Sep 08, 2009 09:52 PM
Today, I stand at 4,206 scenes indexed. Yesterday I had a field day with Sensation Comics. It's amazing how a comic that is more than 60 years old can still satisfy our cravings for knockout scenes. And coincidentally, it's that craving I want to talk about today.

Why are we never satisfied with what we already have? I have nearly every kind of chloroform, head KO, dart, injection, and unconscious carry scene you can imagine. I have knockouts of every kind of female, young and old, beautiful and ugly, from every possible angle. If I were somebody else, I'd say this was enough. There is no need to go any further, you have already seen the best that comics have to offer.

Thankfully that's not the attitude I take.

A lot of fetish sites die down after a few years, mainly because the webmaster becomes lazy and stops updating. You've seen them - websites that haven't been updated since 2004; sites filled with broken image links. Sleepycomics.com is different. Instead of slowing down over the years, Sleepycomics.com has actually accelerated in growth.

There is enough sleepy and bondage content here to last a lifetime. Why then do I keep searching for more, as if I don't have enough? Is it an obsession? When will I finally say, enough is enough?

These are hard questions to answer. I think the answer is simple though: we constantly want new stuff. Why do companies still make movies, comics and TV shows when there are already thousands in existence? It's because people get tired of the old and want new. And you can think of Sleepycomics.com as like an artist. I am always putting out new stuff.

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Sep 09, 2009
Well, I would like to express my appreciation for your dedication, both to this site, and to our sleepy fetish community! I feel the same way about the "superheroine-in-peril" commissions that I order, then publish on the web. There are always new knockout scenarios popping up in my brain; my only constraint is my budget!

Sep 11, 2009
This is an appetite that will never be satisfied. I'm about the same age as Wonder Woman and Sheena the Queen of the Jungle. Never will I tire of seeing these two lovely, shapely, scantily clad beauties and all the other heroines get knocked unconscious, carried, tied up. I check in here almost every day and at other sites looking for something new. I admire your work and enthusiasm for this knockout genre. Thanks so much for all you do.

Sep 12, 2009
I am greatful this site exists as long as it has, and I happy my work can be posted here to share

You're right about sites in the fetish art becoming "404" after a few years. We dedicted fans will keep it fresh

When you have a passion for something there never really is "enough"


Sep 14, 2009
Hello, Lobo here.

My simple answer is... ¬°You never have enough DiD! We always want more beatiful girls kidnapping, helpless, and -My God- bound and gagged (atadas y amordazadas).

That kind of stuff is not only a hobby, is a really important part of my life since my childhood.

Lobo, a big Ran Mouri fan


Sep 22, 2009
Ditto, ditto, ditto. We will never get enough. Not necessarily because we tire of the old, but because there are are always infinitely more ways to graphlically depict the same scene. Like many of you, I also have me all-time favorites, many of which go back to good girl art during the golden age of comics. But I've also added a few very recent additions to this list and that's because something new and exciting is always just around the corner. Keeps life interesting!!!