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This was sent by paulpicks11. Nyoka is knocked out (like always) and carried unconscious. If anyone knows the issue # please leave a note! Thanks.

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Oct 31, 2009
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Nov 02, 2009
beautiful carry
Nov 02, 2009
Notice that this great scene is almost a full body picture. That's what I'm talking about.
Nov 04, 2009
This is a great knock out! I would like to see the bit leading up to them pumelling her though!
Nov 04, 2009
Seahawk wrote and said he'd like to know what happened just before this scene.
The best I can remember is that the man and woman who are shown pummeling her in the first pic were hiding overhead in a tree waiting for her to pass by. Both are "baddies", but I can't remember what their crime is. When Nyoka passes beneath the tree, they both jump down and land on her, knocking the wind out of her. Then, they begin pummeling her into unconsciousness. The man picks up the unconscious Nyoka and tosses her into a fast moving river that apparantly is only a few feet away. As always, Nyoka survives and brings the two to justice in the end.

I think Nyoka stories are the best stories ever written for a heroine, whether super-powered or jungle girl -- they have so much excitement, and are written in short 3-4 page chapters, like chapter one, chapter two, chapter three. At the end of each short chapter she is always in a "cliffhanger" situation, KO'd, or attacked by wild animal, or tied up at a stake, etc. There usually are "ad" pages placed to follow each short chapter, and that forces the reader to turn a couple of pages to see what happens next. Because they used this format, the writers had to come up with numerous perils for the pretty jungle girl, each peril to be placed at the end of each chapter. I single issue of Nyoka would often have two complete stories, each with three chapters. That meant that there were 6 perils (KO's, unconscious carries, bondage) one at the end of each of the 6 chapters in each episode. I can't think of any other superheroine or jungle girl title that provided so many scenes of sheer fun in every issue.

Nov 04, 2009
I agree, Nyoka is also my favourite heroine.I would love to see more of her on here.As for this particular peril, i would love to see the baddies jump on her.I have always enjoyed the scenes just before a ko, especially when the baddies are laying in wait.
May 13, 2010
Nyoka is certainly one of my favorite heroines. I suppose I would rate her my 4th favorite comic heroine. For those of you who like Nyoka, I strongly recommend the cliffhanger serial DVD, Nyoka and the Tigermen, aka The Perils of Nyoka. It is nothing less than spectacular, with more superb cliffhanger endings than any of the other 100+ serials in my collection.
Jul 20, 2010
I once owned this issue when I was a kid but no longer have it. It was a great story. The woman villain who helped knock Nyoka out in this scene also knocked her out again later in the story. Nyoka was walking down a jungle path as the villainess waited in hiding. She let Nyoka walk past where she was hiding in the bushes then stepped out and threw a rock about the size of a softball, hitting Nyoka in the back of the head and knocking her out cold. Then she dragged her back into the bushed out of sight. Here's something interesting about this that I really liked. As the rock was in flight towards Nyoka's head she was saying to herself, "It's so quiet and peaceful here in the jungle it's hard to believe there's so much treachery going on." Then, CONK, the rock hits her and she's out cold. Neat.
Jan 03, 2011
If somebody has the rest of this ko then please post it on here. The rock scene sounds great!
Feb 13, 2011
Before they throw Nyoka in the river they tie her wrists together in front of her body. Then as she lands in the water I believe the thugs say something like, "If the crocs don't get her the rapids will." Then it shows a good full length scene of the unconscious Nyoka as she floats down the swift river. Because they tied her wrist in front of her it enables her to grab onto a large rock sticking up out of the water. This is of course after she wakes up. Wish I still had this. Great issue.
Jul 20, 2011
The KO scene itself is decidedly substandard, but that carry scene -- Wow! That wonderful cradle-carry really pushes all my buttons the right way. Superb!