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First off, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone visiting my page today! I think it's been a difficult year for many of us, given the global pandemic. 2021 feels like it could be the start of a return to normalcy. Until then, stay safe everyone!

For me, 2020 has been an incredibly productive year for my original artwork. I launched my Patreon page in 2018 and it's still going strong. This month I released nine pieces of sleepy peril artwork! It's become clear that my sleepy peril artwork is a central part of my online identity. It's what I spend the majority of my time on these days.

So it struck me as odd that visiting Sleepycomics.com doesn't feature my latest artwork anywhere. This website was primarily focused on its original mission to catalog sleepy peril scenes in mainstream comics and manga. I still care about that mission, though it's becoming less of a priority compared to original art. I can inject so much more creativity into my original art endeavor.

Starting today I will be featuring previews of my latest artwork on the front page of Sleepycomics.com. These previews will be added as I continue to post to Patreon. It's a much more efficient system that creating those Patreon flyer images. My new art gallery will also let you download full resolution versions of all publicly released pieces. The goal of this is to increase awareness of the vast library of artwork I'm producing, and to get people excited about subscribing to my Patreon page.

As a special offer to anyone reading this, if you visit my gallery and see an unreleased preview you like, you can send me an email at [email protected] and I'll forward you the full image. Please only one request per person, and don't leak the full image. I'll be relying on the honor system here.
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Justice League: The Darkseid War: The Flash (2016)
4 days ago
i love how delicate she looks
Sensational She-Hulk #2
1 week ago
I don't give scenes five star ratings easily, but that image of a gassed-out-cold She-Hulk lying on the table earned it.
X-Men: "Night of the Sentinels"
1 week ago
@LakeCity2018 : The second scene of Jubilee getting gassed is a hundred times better in X-Men Adventures 001. Amazing panels of Jubilee's le...
Power Girl #02
3 weeks ago
that’s actually Ultra Humanite, not Gorilla Grodd
The Spectacular Spider-Man #123
3 weeks ago
Pete was definitely grabbing her ass once he lifted her up
Wonder Woman #161 I
3 weeks ago
Wonder Woman's face in panel 2 of image 2 is kind of hilarious. That's some potent knockout gas. Would have given this scene a higher rating...
Marvel Contest of Champions II #3-4
4 weeks ago
Storm and Black Widow. Helpless. Thank you Thor.
Wonder Woman v2 #137 & 138
4 weeks ago
This is an incredible scene. Which specific issue or issues explain that Circe's weapon is a gas gun?
Marvel Team-Up #97
4 weeks ago
She is so thicc