All Top Comics #8 Phantom Lady KO'd, tied up, held

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Phantom Lady was penciled by a half dozen or more graphic artists, but Matt Baker is without question the one who did the best job of the lot. He is arguably the absolute King of Good Girl Art, and his rendition of Phantom Lady will forever be a classic. Matt did the art for this story, and even if the work wasn't credited or signed, his great skill would be unmistakable. In this story the beautiful crimefighter is attempting to hide away on a mob airplane in order to investigate what they are up to when she is discovered she is promptly knocked out. Interesting that her male companion is not KO'd, only the voluptuous superheroine (nobody can ever accuse Matt Baker of not knowing what he was doing when it came to good girl art stories). When she wakes up she finds herself tied to Dick, her companion, and always resourceful, she manages to use some matches she finds to burn herself free from her bonds as the plane flies high above the earth. The mobsters promptly discover she is loose and one of them grabs her and holds her tightly (WOW!! Anyone besides me find that a very stimulating thought?!!). Somehow the pilot gets himself knocked out and the plane needs someone to fly it -- Phantom Lady volunteers. She manages to trick the gangsters into letting her drop a flare to alert the airport that the plane is in trouble. The flare brings the Police running, just as she hoped it would, and when everyone disembarks, the crooks are immediately arrested -- another job well done by your local pretty Phantom Lady with her Blackout Light in hand. Scenes below depict her being knocked out, tied up, getting free, and held tightly. To me, whenever Matt Baker does her art, she is the best of the best.
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Dec 16, 2009
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Dec 17, 2009
This is a fantastic KO scene!
Dec 17, 2009
A great series of pic.s here. Now this is ART! One of my fav. heroines.
Dec 18, 2009
Some of the dialog is priceless.."Dick, all those foreigners!"...well,that obviously meeans they're up to no good!
Great artwork, however...

Dec 19, 2009
The scene where she says "Dick, all those foreigners . ." takes place in a small, private Canadian (not USA) airfield. The mob (years later known as the Mafia) is smuggling in gangsters from Sicily and other foreign places to increase their manpower. Just like the term Mafia, the term illegal aliens had not been invented yet. Their crime is smuggling "foreigners" -- i.e., illegal aliens. It was never meant as a slur against "foreigners".
Dec 19, 2009
No, I understand the context of the line..I guess what I meant to say, and said badly, was that you'd NEVER see that spoken in a comic book's so delightfully un-P.C. that it made me smile. Thanks for the scan!
Dec 19, 2009
my pleasure, enjoy
Jul 14, 2012
Wonderful scenes here. Phantom lady is quickly becoming a favorite.