Sheena #4 manhandled, tied to stretcher

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Sheena Magazine #4 was published in the Fall of 1948, approximately 5 years after issue #1 which appeared in 1943. Obviously this was a very "now-and-then" publication. W. Morgan Thomas wrote all the stories, (although this is a "Pen Name" for an unknown author, -- possibly Jerry Iger or Will Eisner) and did so throughout her long run from 1939 to 1954 (she had made her debut 4 years earlier in Jumbo #1, 1939). As with so many others, her stellar career came to a premature close in 1954 with the closing of Fiction House Publications -- caused without doubt by intense public pressure for a Comic Book Code which saw such characters as Sheena (and all jungle girls) as "seducing innocent teenage boys". Obviously she was revived some 30 years later, first by Bill Black and his Americomics golden age reprints, and later by Blackthorne and others who came out with new and original Sheena stories (the Code had become greatly diminished in public influence by then - "whew"!). The pics below come from all 4 stories appearing in issue 4. In the first two stories, she opposes two successive invasions of her tribes domain both led by wannabe black jungle queens. The first wants to make slaves of her able bodied tribesmen, and the second simply wants to poison her tribes drinking water and eliminate them all. In the third story, she takes on a mad scientist who is trying to make giant jungle animals by injecting them with his secret growth hormone. In the last story, she is rescued from several perils by a small 9 year old boy who shoots both a gun and a bow and arrow with deadly accuracy. The boy is lost in the jungle, having been separated from his father when their plane crashed in the jungle. The villain in this story eventually turns out to be the boy's father's partner who wants to kill the boy's father so he can claim the secret jungle treasure they are both searching for. Sheena intervenes and the bad guy loses, but not before she is imperiled several times.
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Apr 09, 2010
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Apr 18, 2010
This is great Sheena stuff. What a wonderful heroine she has been for me ever since I was about 12 yrs old. Terrific jungle action, jungle girl peril. Lot of knockouts. Do you happen to have any pics from Sheena #9. Lots of KO action in that one. Thanks for posting this.
Apr 18, 2010
So sorry to have to give disappointing news, Slim, but I have #1-8 and 10-14, but not #9 . . . RATS!! If DCM, GAC or Comicsworld have it I'll get right on it . . . sounds lika a real winner. :)