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Many of Bulletman/Bulletgirl stories are scripted by unknown writers -- too bad. This story is a very interesting plot twist, and keeps the reader in suspense until the last frame of the last page, when it all gets explained. Taken as its told, the tale is of some bad guys who plan a series of mysterious murders until Bulletgirl gets hot on their trail. Not sure if they are the guilty ones, she nevertheless breaks into their hideaway and challenges them, even though Bulletman told her not to do so until he could be there to join her. Predictably, she KO's a couple of baddies, and then has her lights put out by a hard blow to the back of her head. Instead of killing her, as one of the henchmen wants to do, the boss-man decides to frame her for the murder of the next victim on their list. In a cleverly written comic book script, they drug her, put a gun in her hand, take her to the intended victim's residence and order her to shoot him. She does. The victim dies instantly. Now get this, Bulletgirl is photographed doing the killing by a security camera in the victim's office -- who would have thought they had security cameras back in December of 1942 when this issue first appeared on the newstands -- go figure??!
The police examine the security camera, see the picture of Bulletgirl firing a gun at the victim, and put out a warrant for her arrest. Bulletman swears to prove her innocence. He catches up with the baddies, overpowers them. frees Bulletgirl, and asks her what happened. Because she had been drugged, she can only say "I can't remember anything"; did that mean she really did it? Suspense builds. Bulletman turns the baddies over to the police and comes up with a theory of what happened. He theorizes that the baddies ordered the drugged Bulletgirl to fire her weapon, but she totally misses the intended victim. However the baddies shot a second bullet from a concealed location which actually did the killing, and Bulletgirl gets photographed firing her gun and appears to be the murderer, but she isn't. The police believe him and release Bulletgirl. Quite a tale, eh?
Pics below show her head KO, tied up, waking up and rescued by Bulletman. Again, apologies for the microfiche . . . it seems to be 90% of what GACD has to offer. Better than nothing, right? Enjoy.
P.S. Notice Capt. Marvel, Jr. smashing the Nazi swastika on the cover . . . throughout WWII the covers of Master Comics were highly relevant to the American Cause and winning the war against Germany and Japan. Comic books were never so relevant as back then.
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May 17, 2010
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May 24, 2010
Always great to see Bulletgirl in action. Another good knockout scene. These are new ones to me I've never seen before. Whew! How about that pose in frame #2 as she is being tied up while out cold!!!!!
May 26, 2010
Yeah Slim, that scene is so good that when I tried to add a close-up enlargement of it to this page, photobucket deleted the pic from my photobucket archive because it did not meet their "decency standards" . . . how's that for hot. Thanks be to the gods that they did allow the entire page to be shown.
May 26, 2010
Nice find! Susan Kent/Bullletgiri,arguably the first superheroine, is still, for my money, one of the hottest...