Phantom Lady #1 (vol.2) Head KO, Arm Carry

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Ajax-Farrell Publications revived the dormant but incredibly popular Phantom Lady in 1954 several years after Fox Publications retired her in 1949. Ajax could only keep her alive for 4 issues due to public pressure based on Frederick Wertham's book which contended that Phantom Lady (and all good girl art for that matter) was seducing innocent teen-age boys by its sexually provocative stories and characters. Ajax-Farrell had toned down her sexy costume quite a bit hoping to come in below the radar, but it did not work. Even in her more modest costume, she was incredibly beautiful and alluring. Ajax-Farrell discontinued her series with issue #4, and shortly thereafter went broke as a comic book publishing house. What a shame!! A 30 year drought ensued until Bill Black resurrected her in the mid 80's and a whole new generation of afficionados joined her club. The pics below are from the second story in the first issue under Ajax's flag. In this story she is sent as an undercover agent of the CIA to pay a secret visit to the King of a fictional country called Tranvania. Seems the CIA has information that says that the Prime Minister of Tranvania is purposefully duping and misleading the King about Communism in the hopes to make Tranvania form an alliance with the Communist Empire. Her job is to awaken and warn the King about his evil Prime Minister. She is spotted by a castle guard,chased in the castle gardens, hit with a Billy Club, knocked out and carried into the Prime Minister's chambers unconscious. The guard and the Prime minister exchange angry words (each suspects the other of ineptness) and while they argue PL wakes up, runs out of the room and manages to flee to the King's chambers in time to tell him about his enemies close at hand. The King believes her and the evil Prime Minister is arrested, peace and justice once again prevailing. I think the arm carry is one of the all time best of a pre-code golden age super heroine. Enjoy.
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Jul 11, 2010
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Jul 11, 2010
I like yourl description "incredibly beautiful and alluring". She is HOT as in FIRECRACKER as always.
Jul 11, 2010
Yup, well said. Just something about that outfit. And of course the peril is more politically incorrect. Yummy!
Jul 12, 2010
This really is a fantastic KO scene!
Phantom Lady always looks sexy getting KOed; and what a great cradle-carry of the helpless, unconscious heroine! Wow!

Jul 12, 2010
Thanks, guys, to all three of you. I agree that the cradle carry is very special, among the 4 or 5 all time best. She certainly does look "limp and helpless".