Sheena #2 3rd story, KO, arm carry, bondage

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This is the second set of pics from Sheena #2 (published in 1943) and these come from the third story in this issue; (elsewhere on this website pics from the second story in this same issue are posted for viewing.) In this story Sheena is knocked out and when she wakes up she does not know who she is (she has amnesia -- always a good idea for a DID storyline.) The baddies are a strange tribe of vicious warriors who attack her village for no reason and seek to exterminate everybody (again, a far-fetched idea, but excellent for DID storytelling). When the attackers try to catch "Chim" (Sheena's pet monkey) in a net, Sheena swings to intercept them, but a sneaky warrior spies her coming, grabs her swinging vine, and whips it so as to smash her into a nearby tree -- she is knocked unconscious. One of Sheena's warriors kills the assailant, and Sheena is carried by her love-interest ("BOB") to the witch doctor, who manages to cause her to wake up, but when she does she has lost her memory. Not knowing who anyone is, including herself, she runs out of the hut in fear. Later when the fighting resumes with the attackers she is hit and knocked unconscious for a second time with a glancing blow from an oncoming spear. This time when she awakens, she remembers who she is and resumes the battle with more success. Bob is rescued, her tribe is saved, and the attackers driven away. Pics below show her KO'd by the vine whip, arm carried by Bob to the witch doetor's hut, waking up, ko'd by the spear, unconscious on the ground, and waking up again. So much to enjoy in this single issue . . . more than might occur in a dozen issues 10 years later. Thank goodness for GACD for preserving these hard to find, old issues for all of us to enjoy. So let's do it!!
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Aug 08, 2010
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Aug 31, 2010
Wow! You can't beat this terrific KO action! And as always, Sheena looks great!
Sep 01, 2010
This is Sheena action I have never seen before. Wonderful action packed jungle girl action with knockouts, carries, the whole works.