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Published in the Summer of 1949, Sheena comes up against some phony tour guides who lure rich tourists to Africa, take them on a safari, and while far from civilization, they rob and kill their victims. One of them flirts with Sheena when they first meet, but she does not like it one bit, and lets him know. When she gets too nosy, they shoot at her and the bullet glances her forehead (what are the chances of that happening a dozen times to the same person?). She is knocked out and falls off a cliff (how many times can the same person be expected to do that?). When she awakes she pursues the baddies and they are destroyed, jungle justice prevailing. Pics below show her shot, falling, and waking up. She always looks good, even if her stories repeat the same perils over and over. Since it makes for good DID artwork, I guess we can't complain. BTW, the splash page shows the name of W. Morgan Thomas as the storywriter and artist. There really is no such person. Experts believe this is a pen name for Jerry Iger or perhaps Will Eisner, both were major pioneers and innovators in the very early years of the comic book industry. Oh yes, one more thing. Photobucket has been having a field day deleting many of my pics because they do "not meet their guidelines". The good news is, that so far, whenever this has happened, they delete only the enlargements, and not the original full page of the comic book from which the enlargement was made -- which means you can still view the original pic on the full page, just not the enlarged version. What a silly thing for them to do!! What's their problem?? Red, do you have any advice for us on how to better handle this?
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Sep 05, 2010
Sheena, the Queen of the Jungle; How I used to fantasize about this beauteous jungle girl.. She is still my heroine.