Nyoka in Jungle Girl #1 many, many perils . . .

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If I live 50 more years and continue posting to this wonderful site the whole time, I do not believe I'll ever post as many DID pics from a single issue of a comic book as appears on this page. Nyoka the Jungle Girl #1 is a six chapter long serial virtually stacked with DID scenes. I only finally got to read #1 when I recently discovered it on Golden Age Comics Download . . . I was never able to win it on any EBAY auctions. And I was simply amazed at how rich it was in DID perils. The story features a greedy woman explorer, who is searching an old, abandoned temple deep in the jungle for a long lost collection of ancient jewels. She has hired many arab henchmen to help her. Nyoka and her beau (Larry) are also looking for archeological artifacts and they get in the way of the unscrupulous woman's search for the jewels. Many attempts are made to eliminate Nyoka and Larry, but in the end Nyoka prevails, with considerable assistance from the love of her life. Before the ending comes, however, she is grabbed and carried by a gorilla, tied up, tortured on a rack, knocked out with a pistol, arm carried, falls into a pit, hung up over a fire, hit by a rockslide, tied to a table beneath a swinging blade . . . and many more perils. Since her comic book run lasted to issue 77, she obviously survived all these perils in issue #1 and all the rest that followed. What a gal! She's never as sexy looking as Sheena, or Bulletgirl, but she gets in more peril than a dozen of those gals. More fun for us. Enjoy!
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Sep 03, 2010
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Sep 05, 2010
I've been a Nyoka fan since way back but I've never seen these pics before. Looks like the first Nyoka serial starring Kay Aldridge was based on some of this action. They did a good job on Nyoka's legs in most of these scenes. Thanks for posting.
Sep 05, 2010
I forgot to add; too bad her shorts weren't shorter.
Sep 06, 2010
Thanks for the kind words, Slim. The early issues (first 2, I believe) were illustrated and inked by Clem Weisbecker. Rod Reed always is listed with a question mark after his name as the "script writer". Issues after #3 apparantly are a complete mystery as to either script writer or graphic illustrator. It was during this "unknown" period that her legs got very skinny and her bustline very flat. However, frequently the cover and the inside art were by different artists, and the inside art was sometimes better than the cover. To this day, it's still a mystery why these issues occurred.
Sep 06, 2010
And, oh yes, I forgot to say "I agree wholeheartedly that in this issue she looks 100% sexier (legs, bustline, face) than a few issues later. Good call!!
Aug 28, 2012
Wow she was in peril a lot huh?