Edens Zero - Homura Chloroformed

Artwork Created: Jan 19, 2024
You all probably remember the Fairy Tail double chloroform piece I did last month. Before that, I finished an Edens Zero piece showing Rebecca Bluegarden chloroformed. Well I'm returning to Edens Zero again, because I couldn't resist giving Homura K?getsu the cloth. Homura is one of the main female protagonists of Edens Zero. She's a swordswoman who wears a loose fitting kimono with a leotard and leggings underneath--quite sexy. Amira is a rival of Homura's. The two characters engage is some combat in one episode (and I think Homura is even captured off screen too.) I think it's a fitting pair up.
Series: Edens Zero
Tags: chloroform  unconscious  anime
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