Fairy Tail - Erza and Lucy Chloroformed

Artwork Created: Dec 21, 2023
I looked back on my 2023 artwork, and I realized I hadn't drawn a double chloroform scene! These used to be such a staple in my artwork. I decided I needed to round out 2023 with a great double chloroform scene. For the characters, we have two female protagonists from the long-running anime series, Fairy Tail. Remember that Edens Zero piece I did last month? Fairy Tail is by the same author. Lucy Heartfilia and Erza Scarlet find themselves getting chloroformed by the villain Minerva. Lucy is already fast asleep, while Erza is struggling to stay awake. The more characters there are in a piece, the harder the pose is to get right. I think I figured out how to have Lucy lean into Erza a bit. It's looking pretty good so far.
Series: Fairy Tail
Tags: chloroform  unconscious  erza scarlet  lucy heartfilia  anime
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