Fausta: The Nazi Wonder Woman Comic

Artwork Created: Mar 24, 2022
As you probably know, Fausta: The Nazi Wonder Woman played a big part in the development of my sleepy peril fetish. The classic episode features Lynda Carter playing Wonder Woman. She attends a fake war bonds rally, and falls through a trap door at the last minute. A Nazi thug clamps a chloroform-soaked rag over Wonder Woman's face and then winds her magic lasso around her. The dialogue that follows is just so classic. As I was watching this scene for the one-millionth time, I realized that it hasn't been turned into a comic before. Using my newly developed comic-making skills, I wanted to give this a shot. Take a look at my result! The comic format allows me to explore different angles of the scene. I end the page with a full-body drawing of Wonder Woman under the effects of chloroform. Page 2: This page starts with Wonder Woman admitting that yes, the chloroform will in fact keep her unconscious. The Nazi agent then applies the chloroform once more to Wonder Woman, knocking her out until she arrives in the Fatherland. The next few panels depict scenes I wish happened in the show. One of them is a view of Wonder Woman unconscious on the ground. The second is a closer shot of Wonder Woman being carried away. Fausta Grables also has a moment to gloat over Wonder Woman's helplessness.
Series: Wonder Woman 1976
Tags: chloroform  bondage  armcarry  superheroine