Final Battle: Friendship of the Sailor Guardians

Artwork Created: Feb 18, 2024
Cover art I made for my Sailor Moon fanfiction: As some of you know, I spent quite a bit of time the past few months working on another Sailor Moon fanfiction. It's the longest story I've written, and the fourth entry in a series. I never thought my writing journey would take me this far, creating a novel-length story. we are! The story is filled with Sailor Moon-style fun and adventure, as well as a lot of sleepy peril. No matter how descriptive I write however, there's some imagery that is just difficult to capture. A good story needs pictures to enhance its appeal. So I started things off by designing the three youma villains that appear throughout my series: Hypnosia, Sakura, and Suzuki. Their designs echo some familiar themes and adhere to the Sailor Moon villain style. If you want a story to have lots of sleepy peril, you need good villains who have sleepy-based powers! Hypnosia looks like a sexy nurse and loves using sleeping gas. Sakura is plant-based, and uses sleep pollen (she also loves chloroform.) Suzuki can fly and uses energy-draining kisses. I designed them to be simple to draw so I could potentially create more illustrations with them in the future. For now, I'll just show off this snazzy cover image I whipped together. It features Sailor Mercury and Jupiter, launching a joint attack. Behind them are the three villains. In the sky is Metalia, the ultimate evil villain. There's a majestic water crane and thunder dragon circling the skies (drawn with the help of AI.) The crane and dragon concept was introduced in the story Ami's Gift to Mako, and was an idea I created to give the story some originality. It was a lot of fun to take an established series like Sailor Moon and add a new twist to it. Hope you can get a chance to read the series. If not, that's okay! Just enjoy some cool artwork. Thanks for the support, everyone!
Series: Sailor Moon
Tags: sailor mercury  sailor jupiter  anime