Fujiko Mine Chloroformed

Artwork Created: Jan 04, 2024
Next up, we have Fujiko Mine from the long-running series Lupin the Third. Fujiko is one of the protagonists of the series, depicted as a sexy femme-fatale foiling Lupin's plans. She is famous for getting captured and tied-up a lot. Fujiko even has a few chloroform scenes under her belt. Quite the damsel in distress! I'm glad I finally got to draw her. It was hard to find a suitable villain, so I decided to go with Lupin himself! I think I was able to capture both characters' likenesses pretty well. I picked Fujiko's sexy catsuit outfit. I'm thinking the scene will take place in a museum. Lupin encounters Fujiko searching for the same lost artifact as him, and manages to knock her out with chloroform. He doesn't want to hurt her, just get her out of the way!
Series: Lupin the Third
Tags: chloroform  anime
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