Wonder Girl Chloroform Peril

Artwork Created: Feb 09, 2024
I spent a good amount of time this month working on my original stories. I finally finished a novel-length story called Final Battle: Friendship of the Sailor Guardians. It's a continuation of my Sailor Moon fanfiction series that's full of sleepy peril. Early reviews say this is an awesome read. After finishing Final Battle, I wanted to clear my mind a bit and write a shorter superheroine story. Wonder Girl, from the 1976 TV series, has been on my mind a lot. Her chloroform scene in The Feminum Mystique is such a classic. I wanted an excuse to draw some peril art, so I sat down and wrote this story, which is a re-telling of the classic episode. The artwork shows Wonder Girl snooping around as some figure behind her holds a chloroform-soaked cloth. It's a bit different from my normal fare, but I quite like the sense of anxiety it gives you. The associated story is attached as a PDF. It can also be read on https://archiveofourown.org/works/53699824/chapters/135937036.
Series: Wonder Woman 1976
Tags: chloroform  superheroine