Wonder Woman vs. Circe

Artwork Created: Dec 09, 2023
I think my last piece of 2022 was a scene showing Wonder Woman getting chloroformed by The Baroness von Gunther. It's quite fitting to have our favorite Amazonian Superheroine be one of 2023's last pieces. I drew inspiration from a couple of places for this latest drawing. George Perez's cover artwork for Wonder Woman #19 is where I got the villain and background from. [Rene Micheletti's artwork](https://www.deviantart.com/renemicheletti/art/Colors-by-Christian-Salazar-800253260) showing Wonder Woman getting tied up with her lasso also inspired my scene. Circe works great as a villainess. Her immortality and sorceress powers make her a formidable adversary for Wonder Woman. Circe also relishes in Wonder Woman's humiliation--and what better way to humiliate her than to capture her with her golden lasso?
Series: DC Comics
Tags: bondage  gagged  unconscious  superheroine
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