Directory Characters Rachel Leighton (F)

Aliases: Diamondback

Diamondback (Rachel Leighton) is a reformed supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe created by Mark Gruenwald and Paul Neary. She first appeared in Captain America #310 (October 1985).

Diamondback is an athletic woman with no superhuman powers. She has skill in gymnastics, and at pitching small ballistic objects with great accuracy, and at piloting small aircraft. She also has knowledge of general street-fighting techniques, and some jujitsu.

Diamondback wears a costume of synthetic stretch fabric backed by Kevlar weave, with two bicep and two thigh belts for carrying throwing diamonds, concealed pockets in the boot tops, boot-heels, glove tops, and brassiere for other throwing diamonds, and throwing diamond earrings. Her personal weaponry consists of throwing diamonds, which are actually 4 inch hollow zirconium octahedrons (though not made of diamond, they are shaped like diamonds) containing various substances; spent uranium, plastic explosives, nitric acid, tear gas, smoke, curare-derived narcotics, etc. Her equipment was originally designed and manufactured by the Trapster, but her later design and manufacture was by the Tinkerer.