Wonder Woman #305

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Jun 07, 2008
8,341 (96%)
DC Comics
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Aug 31, 2009
Noting like a hot heroine in a straight jacket!
Oct 24, 2009
Indeed, she is hot, and in this entire 3 - 4 issue continued story she is manhandled, pummeled, pushed around and knocked out. Nothing finer than a masked, sexy superheroine like this one who is totally helpless in the hands of mad bad men.
Oct 24, 2009
Agreed, I think the writers lost all inhibition on these issues. So many standard traps/peril on a heroine here. And they way they drew the Huntress and her dialogue was just too juicy.
Apr 06, 2010
Has to be one of the hottest scenes in this genre. The artwork, the dialog...perfect!
Apr 07, 2010
To be honest, I dont think the scene is that great at all. You don't even see the injection taking place or the heroine's reaction to it. The dialogue is good, but a picture says more than a thousand words.
Apr 08, 2010
I see nothing here that impresses me at all.
Apr 08, 2010
To BLX and Oldslim -
I'm sorry guys, I did something here I seldom if ever do . . . I read into this one page scene my knowledge of the entire 4 issue run of this storyline. MY BAD!!

Apr 08, 2010
I must add that because I know the storyline so well, and can clearly picture all the other great scenes in my head I totally overspoke on this scene. In all humility, I have to correct myself and agree with you both, this page alone is not that impressive . . . but you should see the "rest of the story" . . . too bad Red did not choose to include all the great scenes, like the one on the splash page of this story which shows her in a strait-jacket, manhandled, shoved to the floor made to kneel before the head shrink of this phony hospital. If you love seeing a helpless masked superheroine manhandled and shoved around, this is the best of that type of story I think that was ever put in print. Not nearly enough of it is shown here. Hey Red, how about it? Can we have some more???
Dec 07, 2010
Quite simply the most elaborate bondage sequence in mainstream comics I've seen, only thing missing was a gag with the straitjacket.

Throughout the 4-5 issues of this arc, she was KOed, tied and gagged on a conveyor belt, KOed again, strapped to a gurney, straijacketed, then injected, then starts hallucinating on the ground in only her leotard without the cape and belt. It was literally DiD after DiD. Of course, I wish either Mark Beachum or even Joe Staton had done the artwork, but nonetheless, this is the finest superheroine bondage scene in mainstream comics in my opinion.

Dec 07, 2010
Well said it2007. With out a doubt the most sequentially, perilous scene in my memory for a heroine. Take exception though to her artist...she looks great!
Dec 11, 2010
This is the issue that always springs immediately to my mind whenever I read either the names Huntress or Helena Wayne. It's the first one of hers I ever read and inspired me to track down the rest of the issues so I could check out the whole thing. That's how powerfully well-crafted it was, storyline and artwise. It was truly The Dark Knight Daughter's tightest corner and I loved it. Still do to this day.

I totally agree about it being juicy and containing many memorable scenes; the part where she's dragged into the mental home, shoved to the floor by a brutish goon and tied up in a straitjacket by a loopy but sexy nurse (I wish we could've gotten a few extra panels of that just to see the weirded out/outraged/uncomfortable expressions on Huntress' face) who should be in one herself. The pissed off scowl on her face when she's kneeling on the floor, tied up like a lunatic, with the villains standing over her speaks volumes. Then she's led down a corridor full of raving lunatics with her sexy rear wiggling behind her (totally uncovered since her cape's long gone by this time). The expressions on her face totally make it for me. Especially when she sees the syringe. Truly unforgettable. It just gets better with the next issue where she has to fight off a bunch of psychopaths WHILE STILL IN THE JACKET AND SHOT UP WITH A DRUG! She's a tough girl no matter what situation she gets into.

I just wish that it'd taken longer for her to escape. Like if she could've been locked up in a padded cell for a while, stewing and helpless. Or (as I said above) if we'd seen her interacting more with that loony nurse (I'd love to see them play off each other). I wonder if we have any talented artists among us who might be tempted to draw some 'extra panels'?

......a man can dream, can't he?

Like I said, this story left an impression on me. Made me love the idea of a strong, beautiful, intelligent heroine being checked into in a lunatic asylum. I can't be the only one.