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bisochim said:
Man, I wish I could see her eyes...
Dec 02, 2009
She's got a body that is five stars +, but I have to say, I think the writer of these stories actually comes up with a dialogue that purposely makes fun of the reader. As good as the scenes are, the writer appears to have nothing but contempt for the reader. What a shame.
Apr 04, 2010
gilslug said:
Someone (Mark Twain?) once said "parody is the greatest form of tribute"!
Adam Warren rocks...
Apr 05, 2010
it2007 said:
Until he proves otherwise, I have to call bull$#!+ on Adam Warren. He's just doing the whole self-defense mechanism thing to throw off any suspicion and the stigma of be labeled a deviant. He's done published work like this way before Empowered, so I'm pretty sure he likes this stuff. He just doesn't admit it. I'm also pretty certain that Paul Dini is another closet fetish writer who refuses to publicly admit his deviant side. Just look at his resume. You'll also see that a ton of the bondage stuff from B:TAS were his episodes.

That's why I respect creators like George Perez, who don't try to hide their love for the darker side of superheroes.

This whole time Adam Warren has said that he was commissioned to do this stuff by clients, but it's strange no one from the community has ever come out and say they were clients of his. I'd think his clients have some sort of voice of opinion in the DiD world.
Nov 28, 2010
To "it" . . . Welcome aboard and thanks for your comment. It was quite helpful.
Nov 30, 2010
The_Brick said:
I love his stuff.
Jan 18, 2011
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