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Manga Grimm Douwa - Dorei ni Ochita Himegimi Vol 1 : Scene added|1 week ago
Nailbiter #28 : Scene added|1 week ago
Grimm Fairy Tales Valentines Day Special 2013 : Scene added|1 week ago
Suicide Squad Most Wanted: Deadshot and Katana #6 : Scene added|1 week ago
X-Men Movie Prequel: Rogue : Scene added|1 week ago
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DC Comics Bombshells #80 : Scene added|2 weeks ago
WildC.A.Ts/X-Men TPB (Silver Age) : Scene added|2 weeks ago
Jungle Fantasy Ivory #6 : Scene added|3 weeks ago
Mystic Edge #1 : Scene added|3 weeks ago
Steam Detectives vol. 4 : Scene added|3 weeks ago
Brawling Go ch 56, 59 : Scene added|3 weeks ago
Mazinger Angel Z vol. 2 ch. 8 : Scene added|3 weeks ago
Mazinger Angel vol. 4 ch 23 : Scene added|3 weeks ago
Mazinger Angel vol. 2 ch 12 : Scene added|3 weeks ago
Ultimate Antihero ch 000 Prologue : Scene added|3 weeks ago
Wolverine First Class #21 : Scene added|3 weeks ago
DC Comics Bombshells #65 : Scene added|3 weeks ago
Grimm Fairy Tales #23 Variant : Scene added|3 weeks ago
Teen Titans #18 (2016) : Scene added|3 weeks ago
Supergirl v5 #00 : Updated to better scan|3 weeks ago
Teen Titans volume 5: "Life and Death" : Scene added|3 weeks ago
Justice League of America #4 (2017) : Scene added|3 weeks ago
Superman v3 #6 : Adding another version of the cover|3 weeks ago
X-Factor  #43 : Scene added|3 weeks ago
X-Factor #46 : Scene added|3 weeks ago
Elektra/Cyblade : Scene added|3 weeks ago
Witchblade/Elektra : Scene added|3 weeks ago


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Sleepy Blog
authored by 'Red'

Posted: 4 weeks ago | Comments( 2 )

First off, I want to wish all my visitors a Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017.

I've been running this website for 11 years now (started around 2006). I took a break from updating Sleepycomics.com because other things took precedence. New relationships, new jobs, new hobbies. I got really into drawing art and continue posting a piece here and there on deviantArt.

I've been pretty active on Twitter, and you can follow me @sleepycomics. I have about 300 followers, though most of them are probably bots. I post lots of cool sleepy content on Twitter, and I do it mainly because it's more accessible and modern. We live in a social media age after all.

There's other people now searching comics and manga for content. There's @IeonScans who posts tons of manga content on Western Civilization Forum. Project X is posting comic book finds on the Chloroforum. And yes, there's still me. I check sites like Comic Book Resources and Read Comic Online for scenes. Kissmanga.com is for manga scans. Tons of stuff there, no time to go through it all.

ReadComicOnline.to is amazing by the way. I've used it to go back and check older scenes. Often there's additional content to be found. Of course you can use it to check current comics too. Obviously, it's in a legal grey area, but it's what we have now. A lot of the old Comic CBR file sites are down now.
Go ahead and use this as a resource to find comic scenes. If you find anything good, send me a tweet or email me! I will respond.

I must admit, one of the reasons I stopped updating Sleepycomics.com was due to laziness. It was tedious having to upload images to Photobucket and then manually copy the links into a form. I built a program a few days ago that would make it easier for me to upload images now. It bypasses that Photobucket system, so the images go straight to my server. Much better now, especially since Photobucket compressed images to 1024 pixels.

A lot of you may have forgotten your password to this site or want to open an account. For any of those, just email me and I'll take care of it. I got rid of the sign up form because there was too much spam.

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Is Twitter the answer?

Why I haven't been updating this site...

Yeah I got side tracked...

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Supergirl v5 #00
2 weeks ago
@Sailornapper Thanks for the information!
Supergirl v5 #00
2 weeks ago
Actually that's her mallet wrapped around her. This is actually a Reprint of Superman/Batman #19 (Original series aka pre nu52) and she bu...
Fausta: The Nazi Wonder Woman
2 weeks ago
An absolute classic.
Tia vs. Mana by Blackprof
2 weeks ago
I like the coloring on this piece.
Jungle Fantasy Ivory #6
2 weeks ago
Our heroine is drawn exceptionally well.
Jungle Fantasy Ivory #6
3 weeks ago
Fausta: The Nazi Wonder Woman
3 weeks ago
@gytalf2000 I love it so much. Watch it all the time.
The Black Cat Takes a Nap
4 weeks ago
Gorgeous sleepy scene!
Fausta: The Nazi Wonder Woman
4 weeks ago
I shall never tire of seeing this truly wunnerful scene!
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Perhaps moving a fellow caveman's boulder was taboo. Plenty examples of primitive peoples where some measure of privacy rights was achieved ...
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