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Hey Sleepy Fans! I think it's been a whole two years since my last blog post here? Man a lot has changed. For one...who would have thought a global pandemic would ravage the world? If you live in the United States (like I do), then you must also be frustrated by the continued lockdowns. The upside for me at least, is that I have so much more free time to work on my projects.

So first, I must plug my Patreon Page. It's still going strong, and I'm on a huge productivity streak right now. See the preview card below for examples of my exclusive artwork:

It would be totally awesome if I could get some more support on Patreon. It's way better than asking for donations directly. With Patreon, you get to support my work while getting some really cool sleepy artwork in return.

Next, I want to plug my site Sleepy Clips. It's a video clip database of mostly chloroform scenes, that has grown to over 1,000 clips already. It's mostly sourced from forums and YouTube. The main benefit of that site, is that I control (and pay!) for the video hosting, so there's lower risk of them getting pulled down. That's where Patreon comes in again, because video hosting costs $$$.

Finally, the I really have to thank users ProjectX, TheSirtrancelot, Zer0, hquan1 for helping upload scenes (I'm probably forgetting a few users, sorry...). While comic book sleepy scenes was my original gateway, I've begun spending more and more time with digital artwork (Patreon!) and Sleepy Clips. Still...there are some really awesome scenes coming out that have impressed me greatly. I mean, we got a Catwoman sleeping gas scene and an Etta Candy chloroform scene! I can't wait to see what else 2020 has in store.

Thanks for reading and stay safe everyone!
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G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero #272
1 week ago
Hmm so the lore the crimson guards are all Freds is done cause I dunno the female take of the name.
Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #7
1 week ago
Whoa that's one of the best chloroform scenes in a mainstream comic that I've seen in a while. And in a Wonder Woman issue too! Hope she g...
Daphne Byrne #5
1 week ago
Gotta love those crazy eyes
My Next Life as a Villainess chap 26
2 weeks ago
@Red : Yes! Episode 11 and 12 are between chap 15 and chap 20. The kidnapping part begins just right after that, from chapter 22 when MC is...
My Next Life as a Villainess chap 26
2 weeks ago
@hquan1 : has the anime reached the plot point depicted in these manga pages?
My Next Life as a Villainess chap 26
2 weeks ago
Was expected this scene to be happened in season 1. Anyway, season 2 has been announced, let's hope this will happen as well!
Catwoman #22
4 weeks ago
One of the best scenes in years imo
Avengers v1 #034
5 weeks ago
A great kayo.
Atom #34
5 weeks ago
I just love those nasty villains.
Atom #23
5 weeks ago
Love the flow of the gas.