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Happy New Year!

Sleepycomics.com continues to grow thanks to some generous users who help find and upload scenes. It's always a nice surprise to see my inbox with new scenes waiting to be approved! Shout out to Xenaphon and ProjectX for posting most of the scenes recently.

This website has been running for over 11 years now. Many websites of this nature never make it that long, but I've vowed to keep this site running for as long as I can. Websites like this do cost money to run, however. If you enjoy using this site, consider donating! You'll feel good, and if you donate $5.00 or more I'll gift you a digital drawing I made:

In 2018, I hope to see lots of new content added to this site, and I also plan on drawing a lot more art.

Thanks in advance!
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X-Men: Blue Annual #1
1 day ago
Hepzibah looks hot wrapped up in the tentacles, looking forward to more in the tentacles theme, Wonder Woman alone had dozens of them IIRC a...
Hawkeye #14
4 days ago
Shouldn't it also have an ots carry tag?
Superwoman #17
1 week ago
Gotta love the back arch.
Wonder Woman - Kidnap + Carry
2 weeks ago
@yop666 : Deviantart. Well, the renders we're done by myself in Xnalara.
Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #19
2 weeks ago
@yop666 : I didn't even notice! Thanks for pointing them out.
Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #19
2 weeks ago
And Black Canary and Huntress in the background :)
Superwoman #17
2 weeks ago
Great final panel!