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Please donate today to help Sleepycomics.com continue to serve the greater public good! In all seriousness though, Sleepycomics.com costs a lot to keep running. Hosting, domain name registration, development time...it adds up to a lot of time and money.

Blog Post: '3 Reasons You Should Donate to Sleepycomics.com Today!'

Here is a rundown of what it costs to run Sleepycomics.com (approximately):
  • Hosting: $120 per year.
  • Domain name renewal: $15 per year.
  • Site maintenance: 10 hours per month.
I am not a greedy person. I have given much, and asked for little. No matter what, I vow to keep this site up and running.

Sleepycomics.com is non-profit and non-commercial. I don't run advertising or charge money for access. Sleepycomics.com is free, and will always be free.

P.S.: If you hate PayPal, I can accept donations by U.S. Mail too. Just e-mail red@sleepycomics.com for my home address.

Thank you.
-'Red', sleepycomics.com

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