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You have questions, I have answers...

Why does Sleepycomics.com exist?

Sleepycomics.com was founded in June of 2006, by a young and enthusiastic member of the sleepy fetish community. That would be me, colloquially known as 'Red'. I created Sleepycomics.com because I have a love and a fascination with seeing women unconscious.
I used to be an anonymous member of the community, consuming much content and contributing little. That all changed around 2005, when I learned that I could use the internet to discover my own sleepy content.

In particular, I was interested in comic book sleepy scenes. Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Black Canary, Scarlet Witch...these were the heroines I wanted to see. Other sleepy forums focused on mainstream scenes from TV and movies. A lot of sites also focused on commercial sleepy content, which I had no interest in.
The reality is, before Sleepycomics.com was created, comic book sleepy scenes were very rare on the internet.

I sought to change that environment. I began to locate and index comic book sleepy scenes in 2005. When posting my scene finds to sleepy forums became too tedious, I launched my own website. Eventually, I built a software infrastructure backed by a database to index the hundreds of scenes I was finding. That software evolved into what you use today, the Sleepycomics.com website.

Sleepycomics.com continues to grow every month. It is currently one of the top sleepy fetish websites on the internet. This website is seriously one of my proudest achievements.

What kind of content does this site host?

Sleepycomics.com used to focus on American comics only. It has since evolved to include Japanese manga, European comics, anime, cartoons and original art. Most posts feature some sort of "damsel in distress" theme. Popular categories include chloroform, bondage and unconscious arm carries. There's a general preference for superheroine scenes.

In general, Sleepycomics.com does NOT contain scenes from TV shows and movies featuring real life actors (although I have made some exceptions).

When I first started, finding bondage scenes was not my top priority. That has now changed. Today, Sleepycomics.com has amassed one of the most comprehensive databases of comic book and manga bondage scenes.

Is this considered an adult website?

While I don't recommend this website for anyone under the age of 18, I also don't think the content is 'adult'. Most of the scenes on Sleepycomics.com are taken from mainstream comics, manga and cartoons. Some of the content is taken from mature sources. For those types of content, I place a warning in the scene.

Nudity does exist on this site, but only if it is NOT obscene and is tasteful in nature (this is judged on a case by case basis). For many scenes, I have censored content in order to meet the 'no obscenity' requirement.

Is this site free? How do you make money?

Sleepycomics.com is 100% free. I do not run any advertising. I do not charge for access to my data. The only money I make is through voluntary donations, which don't make me a profit. The donations are usually enough to cover hosting costs.

There are several reasons why I keep this site free. One, is to comply with Fair Use. In short, if I attempt to profit off other people's copyrighted works, it would not be deemed fair use under U.S. Copyright Law.

Second, I truly believe the data on this site should be viewable by everyone in the sleepy fetish community. By providing people with an outlet for their sleepy fetish, I improve society a little. That makes me feel good.

Can I take images from Sleepycomics.com and post them elsewhere?

Yes you can. The only thing I ask is that you host it somewhere else, like imgur, Photobucket or Imageshack. The reason being, bandwidth usage is very high and I need to save as much as I can. Please do not hotlink images from vault.sleepycomics.com.

What separates Sleepycomics.com from other sleepy fetish websites out there?

Sleepycomics.com is such a unique website, that nothing like it has ever been made.
Sleepycomics.com beats other sleepy fetish websites for the following reasons: consistency, quality and technology.
Compared to other fetish websites, Sleepycomics.com updates with new content very consistently and very quickly. If a new comic scene has been published, I try to get it on this site the same day.

I also do a lot of quality control on this site. I frequently go out of my way to fix broken links, improve image quality and discover new content for existing scenes.

Sleepycomics.com is powered by technology that I designed from the ground up. That's why Sleepycomics.com has such a unique look and feel. The front page displays an image grid, showing all recently added scenes. I also let users comment, rate and fave scenes. The Sleepycomics.com search algorithm is also custom built. The administator backend (which only I can see), is designed with speed in mind. I can quickly edit and add scenes with just a few key strokes.

I have software that will backup images from Photobucket to the Sleepycomics 'Vault'. I maintain redundant backups of the 'Vault' and our database.
I even keep track of comics that I've searched, which is yet another automated process I created.

Finally, Sleepycomics.com differentiates itself from other sleepy fetish sites by providing unique, quality content. Sleepycomics.com even publishes it's own original content.
It's a place where you can go to satisfy your sleepy fetish, without feeling dirty for visitng an obscene adult website.

How popular is Sleepycomics.com?

Pretty damn popular. Despite being based in the United States, Sleepycomics.com is very much a global website. Every two seconds, someone from around the world is viewing a scene.

Sleepycomics.com gets around 110,000 unique visits per month. There are around 1.9 MILLION total page views per month.

Incredibly, all this traffic was obtained organically. I hardly ever promote Sleepycomics.com. It's growth is entirely fueled by word of mouth and Google searches.

Where is Sleepycomics.com headquartered?

Right now, Sleepycomics.com is a one man operation, based in New York City. It's operated out of a dingy little studio on the Upper East Side! If you are ever in the city, feel free to stop by!

Why do you work so hard on this site? What do you have to gain?

Really, I just like helping people. It feels good to provide value to the sleepy community. And if I don't do it, no one will.

How did you choose the name 'Sleepy Comics' and where did you get the logo?

The name 'Sleepy Comics' was chosen basically at random. I knew my site would be about the sleepy fetish, and that it would host comics. So it was the natural choice. I now love this domain name and can't imagine being called anything else. The name rolls off the tongue so well.

The Black Cat logo came about later. I experimented with various other images as my logo, but this particular image stood out to me. It blended elements of the sleepy fetish and bondage so well. The art style was very high quality too. I really wish I could trademark it! The brand awareness of the logo is pretty good too. Whenever people see that image of The Black Cat sleeping, they instantly think of Sleepycomics.com.

Isn't this site demeaning to women? This site is really sick...

If you don't have a sleepy fetish, then this website is difficult to justify. It may seem like we all want to go out and chloroform women, but this is not the case. That's because Sleepycomics.com is 100% fantasy only. Acting out any of these sleepy fantasies goes against our community values, and is something I don't condone.

That being said, we also dislike it when people call us "sick", "perverted" or "twisted". The sleepy fetish is no more twisted than a bondage fetish, a foot fetish or a furry fetish. Just like society believes you can't choose sexual orientation, I believe you can't choose your fetish. The sleepy fetish is sexual in nature and it is hardwired in our brains. Calling us "sick" is on the same level as caling a homosexual a "faggot". It is wrong and we as a society should not tolerate it.