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Batgirl vs. Riddler (ChadTheH)

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Contributed by ChadtheH (chadtheH.deviantart.com). (Special thanks to Chad for donating the larger scans!)

Don't forget to check out Chad's deviantart page.

This is one of my favorite pieces from ChadTheH. In this scene, Batgirl attempts to locate The Riddler, but he surprises her and chloroforms her! The Riddler then ties Batgirl to train tracks, but Robin swings by and saves her at the last minute. Batgirl gives the Boy Wonder a big kiss!

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Aug 03, 2008
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33,522 (100%)

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1 Batgirl vs. Riddler (ChadTheH): 1
2 Batgirl vs. Riddler (ChadTheH): 2
Aug 03, 2008 02:58 PM: Scene released.
Nov 01, 2009 11:20 AM: Added larger scans

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Blx said:
nice scene, too bad it's so small
Aug 03, 2008
Does anybody know what issue is this from? And somehow the graphic art work does not seem to be quite up to DC standards, or is it just me??
Oct 25, 2009
Red said:
It's original art Paul.
Oct 25, 2009
Red said:
Which reminds me, there's not a single person out there that has a bigger scan of this?
Oct 25, 2009
The brief 2 page storyline here is one of the best episodes Batgirl ever appeared, and I mean it. The art may not be 5 stars, but the story and the concept is even higher than five stars, it that's possible.
May 05, 2010
Posting late but for all the great work he has completed for me,this work in my humble opinion is his best.
Jul 22, 2012
Red said:
@eriepatrick I like this too, but his She-Hulk one is my favorite. That piece is hanging on my wall now :-)
Jul 22, 2012
@Red Just something about seeing a woman as powerful as the She-Hulk,put to sleep.
Dec 08, 2012
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