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Adventure Comics #404

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I love this scene. Supergirl gets KO'd twice. Lots of girls getting KO'd in this issue.
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Feb 01, 2009
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Feb 01, 2009 05:22 AM: Scene released.

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This is like a piece of fan fiction, terrific stuff!
Nov 01, 2009
This is my all time favorite Supergirl story. Back when it came out (in the 70's I think) the writers came up with the idea that her superpowers could come and go -- that way she could be in a lot more perilous situations and be a lot more fun to read. There were several issues (perhaps as many as 21 or so), when this kind of story-telling was used and it's my favorite Supergirl era. The stories were fantastic. The only downside was, the artistic portrayal of Supergirl was not top shelf, her legs were not all that shapely and she wasn't nearly as sexy as earlier, and later eras in her development.
Nov 02, 2009
ears620 said:
As far as heroine peril, this is my favorite comic issue ever. Supergirl's body gets tormented by Starfire in the most one-sided beating Supergirl's ever absorbed. Her body is incredibly hot -- breasts perky, and the 3 pages she's in Starfire's hideout are filled with physical domination. She's tied up and gets smacked across the face; she tossed around the room; and the only time I've ever seen it -- Starfire actually knees Supergirl right in her breasts (and SG lets out a painful "whoof"). And the beating is administered in front of a room full on onlookers!
Oct 23, 2011
This brings back some fantastic memories of the early 1970s for me! One of the best Supergirl KO scenes ever!
Aug 02, 2012
Red said:
This scene is amazing. Just added it to my faves collectIon.
Aug 02, 2012
strife said:
Supergirl really gets it in this issue, definatey one of her best beat downs. those several panels are awesome.
Aug 03, 2012
musdy said:
What an amazing scene!! I love how weak she is!!!
Aug 11, 2012
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