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All Top Comics #11 (Phantom Lady)

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From #8 to #17 All Top Comics featured two hot numbers, Rulah, jungle princess, and Phantom Lady. Both are top shelf good girl art. Matt Baker did the art for Phantom Lady, and it was outstanding. In this story she investigates some con men selling fake glass eyes to unsuspecting rich people for $500 apeice. The con men become aware of her suspicions, knock her out, tie her up and put her in a convertible parked on top of a hill and shove the car downhill, planning for her to die in the crash. She manages to jump to safety, reengage the bad guys, and this time hand them over to the authorities. In the pics below we see the KO, the bondage, the helpless in the car scene, and the jump to safety. She always looks great.
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Feb 01, 2009
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1 All Top Comics #11 (Phantom Lady): 1
2 All Top Comics #11 (Phantom Lady): 2
3 All Top Comics #11 (Phantom Lady): 3
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8 All Top Comics #11 (Phantom Lady): 8
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Feb 01, 2009 05:22 AM: Scene released.
Dec 18, 2009 10:37 PM: Added more scans (paulpicks11)

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Phantom Lady got knocked out by a guy who hit her in the back of her head with his fist. Later they hit her in the head with what looked like a glass vase and it didn't knock her out. Oh well, at least she got KO'd once.
Oct 07, 2009
Buckley said:
All great shots here. This is the way comics should be today! These are the days when ladies were not afraid to be ladies...at least from a man's point of view.
Dec 19, 2009
chlorodon said:
Phantom Lady is one fine looking superheroine.
Jun 11, 2011
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