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Black Cat #17 Black Cat Ko'd. tied up

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Black Cat's alter ego is Linda Turner, a major Hollywood movie star. Linda is making a western movie when her "stand-in", (the actress studios use if something happens to the primary star and a temporary replacement is needed), out of greed and envy decides she wants Linda's role and plans a series of "accidents" for Linda to have to disable her from fulfilling her role in the movie. After several failed attempts, Linda decides to investigate this evil actress in her crime-fighting alter ego as the Black Cat. She is spotted sneaking into the "stand-in's" tent, and hit from behind with a high heel shoe, knocking her out. She is tied up and put into a trunk (what was planned for her next is a bit hard to imagine). She is left, and the "stand-in" returns to the movie set planning to be cast as the leading lady. A short time later, Rick Horne, Black Cat's romantic interest, shows up, discovers her in the trunk and rescues her. The "stand-in" is exposed and truth and harmony are restored. The KO pic is one of BC's best ever, even if it isn't a whole body shot . . . the expression on her face is perfect. The bondage pic is good, but she seems to be enjoying herself a little too much, could use more fear and anxiety in her expression. Still, good shot of her great looking legs. Scenes like this became increasingly rare after issue 19 due to increased public pressure arising from publication of Wertham's book "Seduction of the Innocent" -- which ultimately brought to a premature end the golden age of comics, (sigh). Hence, we must look to the distant past for the best of sleepy scenes.
Source: I once owned this book
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Jan 06, 2010
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1 Black Cat #17 Black Cat Ko'd. tied up: 1
2 Black Cat #17 Black Cat Ko'd. tied up: 2
3 Black Cat #17 Black Cat Ko'd. tied up: 3
4 Black Cat #17 Black Cat Ko'd. tied up: 4
5 Black Cat #17 Black Cat Ko'd. tied up: 5
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I love that wonderful KO scene!
Jan 07, 2010
That guy could really draw, couldn't he?
Jan 07, 2010
oldslim1 said:
Yep, that knockout in pic # 4 will blow you away. Classic stuff.
Nov 15, 2010
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