Black Phantom in Red Mask #49 KO'd, tied up

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Black Phantom is a sexy blonde who is a masked deputy to the town Sheriff, Red Mask, who also wears a mask. I love the idea that he wears a completely red old west cowboy outfit, and she wears a similar one all in dark blue. The dynamic old west duo ran for 14 issues from #42 to #56. however the sexy deputy does not appear in every issue, and in some issues she has only a couple of frames and plays a very minor role in the storyline. #49 contains one of her more exciting appearances. In this story some vindictive outlaws bent on revenge manage to capture the pretty deputy and use her as "bait" to lure Sheriff Red Mask to their hideaway so they can capture and kill him. In hand to hand combat, the Black Phantom trips on some papers on the floor and as she falls down her own gun hits her in the head and she knocks herself out. The outlaws quickly grab her and tie her up and take her to their hideaway and send a note to Sheriff Redmask saying that they have her in captivity. Red Mask decides to offer himself up for her release, but is tricked and captured also, and tied up. Black Phantom is blindfolded and ordered to shoot Redmask. She intentionally shoots over his head, but mysteriously two bullets very accurately hit the ropes which hold him and sever them, setting him free. The masked sheriff then outfights the baddies and takes them to jail. Turns out a third good guy was hiding behind the rocks and he shot the two bullets that freed Red Mask. Pics below show her fighting the outlaws, knocking herself out, falling down, getting tied up, and later watching the outlaws capture Red Mask. The splash page shows her blindfolded and being ordered to shoot her boss. I once owned this actual book many years ago, and have always thought that this western masked super heroine looked positively great. I hope you agree. Sorry the quality of the pics are not the best, these scenes came from a micro fiche copy on Golden Age Comics Download site, the only place I could find it.
Source: Golden Age Comics UK

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