Woman in Red in Thrilling Comics #38 KO, tied up

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One of the great aspects of the stories of the Woman in Red is that in 5 or 6 short pages she gets in peril 3 - 4 times. Not even Nyoka (queen of DID) could top that. In this story a wealthy man donates the first shell casing fired by the U.S. against the Nazis in WWII to a museum. He gets plenty of publicity which he glories in, but some malevolents, intent on stealing the valuable shell casing, appear and rob and kill him just as the Woman in Red approaches to offer police protection to him. The Woman in Red enters the room, discovers the dead body and notices that the shell casing is missing. Just then the baddie sneaks up on her and pistol KO's her from behind. Later, other police apparantly come to the scene, discover her unconscious on the floor, carry her limp body home, undress her and put her to bed. (Wow!! Wish we could have seen all this but it is implied, not depicted). Later she wakes up in her own bed (that pic is shown). Still later the police find the shell casing still in the safe, leading to the conclusion that there was a "phony" one and a "real" one, and the murderer probably has the "phony" one. Woman in Red goes to a nearby junkyard to see if the "phony" one got tossed there once its phoniness was discovered. She's grabbed by the junkyard night watchman, but the real murderer shows up and at gunpoint ties them both up. (bondage pics below). She eventually kicks a glass pane out, and cuts her ropes, only to be grabbed again by the bad guy, just as the police arrive in the nick of time and save the day. Pics below show her pistol KO'd (she's in her alter-ego clothes), waking up in bed, grabbed, tied up, breaking the glass, getting loose, and getting grabbed again. All this in 6 short pages. The storywriter here understood way back in 1940 how to tell a good tale. One more plus -- this issue features her new, far more sexy costume, i.e., mini skirt, plus cape -- gone is the floor length cloak and head wrap. She kooks great!! Enjoy!!!
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Mar 27, 2010
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Aug 06, 2010
she always seemed over matched even by common thugs, but always came out on top. Usually because of outside help.